Monday, December 10, 2007

7 Things Me-Me

I got tagged by Tayo to do the 7 weird things you dont know about me post, even though he knows I have done this meme before!!! Well here are another 7 things that you don't know about me....i wouldn't call them weird, because I don't think they

1. I have a 'balcony'. In my mind, it is this beautiful place I go to, to reflect on things and think of things. Basically, the whole 'balcony' thing started when we moved into a new house back in nigeria, I got to choose the room with the only balcony in the whole house, it was upstairs, with the high walls around the house, and I would go to the balcony, and stare out into the world, feeling like a princess waiting to be rescued :) I would dream of what I wanted my future to look like, about my Prince Charming and I would pray to God and talk to him about stuff, I was about 8 or 9. Now that I'm grown and moved out of the house and the country, I often go back to my 'balcony', back to that little girl with her dreams, and I smile....

2. I don't have any favourite music, food, colours and such because I believe variety really is the spice of life. There are toooooo many beautiful and wonderful choices to choose from, why would I restrict myself to one? Besides, I get bored quite easily :)

3. I still don't know how to drive :)

4. My grandmother means the world to me! I love her so so so so so so much. Thing is, I look at her, and she is the closest to the perfect human being. I have never seen her get angry and she gives and gives and gives and gives. I get so emotional thinking about her, thinking about all the things I would love to do for her and all the things she deserves, I get so emotional when I think of the fact that I havent seen her in close to 2 years and how time is just flying by, although I know most definitely she will be at my wedding. I have specially requested that from God, so God-willing. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out with a gorgeous smile. She is beautiful and totally unselfish. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

5. I love custard and cake, preferably with the custard made from scratch (none of these ready to go tinned ones)...of which I can make both of them from scratch...gosh my kids cannot be obese!!!! Oh and advice to people who cook, don't use water in making your custard, it just spoils it, it's a 'nigerian thing' to use water, use fresh milk if you can to mix the whole thing.

6. When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I would wear a red mini skirt and a red tank top, wear red heels, probably my mum's, put Chris De Burgh's 'Lady in Red' in the music player, close my eyes and dance away...I would dream of being in an empty room, standing in the middle, where the spotlight is on me and my faceless Prince Charming, while the song would be his thoughts in his head while he danced with me or it would simply be Chris playing on the grand piano, singing in the background, while i danced by myself :) yea i know, i was only 10..but then, I've always been a dreamer lol. Every now and then I still have the desire to dance to the song.. and of course I'd have to shop for my red dress first ;) lol

7. I am looking forward to the day I see my Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This doesn't mean I will not live the full life God has promised, I just can't wait to be in my Father's arms, gosh I'm going to cause a queue, and how beautiful Jesus is, and hug my precious Holy Spirit. Also I have so many questions to ask the saints and apostles, like Paul and Jonah (how'd it feel to be in the shark's tummy for 3 days? were you smelling when you got out?) and Peter (how'd it feel walking on water, then sinking?????!!!) Gosh it's going to be so excitingggggg!!! Make sure you make it there!

I tag the first 7 bloggers to comment on this post.

Have a nice week ahead.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Lighty's Day

As you, my darling, celebrate your day today
All your heart desires, in His Will, shall be yours

I have known you for a pretty pretty long time
And all I can see when I look at you is a beautiful person

Your friendship is dear to me, my darling
Because I see you
And I see all the beauty that God has placed inside of you

My prayer and heart desire for you
Is that God's love will dwell richly in your heart
So that all the beautiful plans He has for you
Will come to pass

Rest yourself in Him darling
Smile, give me that beautiful smile :)
Because today, is your SPECIAL DAY.


Everyone please, kindly go over to Lighty's page to tell her how beautiful she is and how sweet and precious she is. She really just go there now!!!!!!!! Oh and for your gentle obedience, there are all sorts of beautiful varieties for you to eat and drink....It's celebration time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

30 Days Of Thankfulness - Day 23

I've been tagged by two people now, 9jaOpeke and StreetPreacher, so I have no excuse but to update :)
Where do I start???

I thank You Father, for life; that I am even here to give you thanks

I thank You Father for the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ; He made my life worthwhile

I thank You Father for the Holy Spirit; my closest friend, my Darling, the One who guides me

I thank You Father for my parents; without their support and love, life would be harder

I thank You Father for my darling brother; I love him so much and you know it, he is my only sibling, and life with him in so much more fun, peaceful and loveable...

I thank You Father, for friends...close ones, acquintances, random people you place around me..I thank you for all of them

I thank You Father for food and water, for air, for the free things I take for granted everyday

I thank You Father for the beautiful things I see everyday; the sunrise, the sunset, the moon, the stars when they come out, lush green grass, brown leaves falling off trees, beautiful flowers in the spring

I thank You Father that I have a functional brain, a tender heart that responds to you, a soul you have saved and a spirit that is renewed and regenerated in You

I thank You Father for saving from the path of destruction, of death, I did not realize it but I thank You, that You, being an all-knowing Father, saved me

I thank You Father for the beautiful Plans You have for me, ohhhhhh I can only smile because they sure are sooooooo beautiful!! And they are already in motion....they are springing forth like flowers by a lake...

I thank You Father for waking me up early in the morning to fellowship with You everyday, it is a privilege to always be in Your Presence, and the fact that You give me the grace is just another icing on my cake...

I thank You Father for Love...Yes I thank You for You...Because You Are Love...

So in all the forms that I have Love in my life...I thank You.

I thank You. I am grateful.

I Love You.


Saturday, November 10, 2007


It sure is going to be one cold winter...but nevertheless I am seriously looking forward to the new year. I love new beginnings. I love new notepads because they are a representation of a fresh slate, a clean start.. you get the idea. New beginnings are good. Thank God that we have the break of day, everyday. It is always a new day, everyday. Okay, that was just me thinking out loud. That is the whole point of this blog after

So while Bimbylad's story is getting hotter and hotter by the chapter, my sister ExcitedJade and FavouredGirl are still enjoying themselves, my other sister Nyemoni is PREGGERSS!! (i'm so excited!)....all these exciting stuff are happening around,yet Mr.Fineboy has refused to update his blog despite many letters of plea, TMinx is still very much a photoblogger even though she has even refused to update the pictures LAWL, then i start to think of Bobby's son and his sweet-sweet-but-now famous phrase, 'I yay you' and I just start smiling to myself again. Children are the most precious creatures in this precious, so innocent, so cute....very much like the clean slates I talked about in the beginning....

Ok, on to my I woke up to one of God's most beautiful pieces of art two days ago. I'll put a picture up in a bit. It was one of those blissful mornings that nothing could go wrong or so i thought. I woke up early, took a loonngg hot shower, ate good meal for breakfast, and i had a while to my lecture, so i took a long luxurious walk. On getting to my lecture room, i found out the room was dark and there was no one there. I hit panic mode! Where is everyone??

After a few enquiries I found out I was meant to have a lab session. I rushed over, wishing I hadnt spent those extra minutes in the shower, and was panting by the time I got there...not a good look. Luckily for me the woman taking us for the session was nice enough to let me in and brief me on what i'd missed.

Apparently we were meant to study 4 people while they were having a discussion on 'animal rights and the use of animals for chemical testings'. The 4 people were not aware that they were being watched (they were in a room with a two-way mirror so they couldn't see us - felt a bit like CSI, okay i'm getting too excited lol).

As soon as I saw who the 4 people were I gulped. One of them was my friend. 'Oh no!' was my first thought.
This girl is one of those paranoid people who always thinks that everyone is out to get her or everyone is racist. I knew they were in for it because I just knew something was bound to go wrong. We were meant to study their body languages, rate them on scales of aggression, powerful/powerlessness etc. I knew who would be getting the highest ratings in some cases.

The conversation seemed to go on for a while and I was thanking God already that there were no punches being exchanged. Suddenly I heard one of the other girls say 'In Africa....'

Oh no, she didn't. If you see the way my friend's head snapped in her was tewwwww funny!! The girl, who was trying to say that in africa for example farming is a common vocation and that africans would probably know the use of animals better than those using them for laboratory tests, didn't even finish the rest of her sentence.


The poor girl was looking at her like 'huh??' and my girl continued, 'IS IT BECAUSE THEY SHOW THE POVERTY STRICKEN PLACES ON TV? EHN?? THAT IS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT TO SHOW YOU!'

The girl was trying to explain but my girl was having none of it. Later when she came out of the room and I told her she was being watched and ALSO, the conversation had been recorded on DVD for the next lab session so we could further analyze it...she said that she wasn't going to come for the class. Lol. Then she told me 'Mimi, I didn't know that they used monkeys for chemical testing oh...I only just heard it today. Can you imagine that??'

I just stared at her and shook my head. I'm pretty sure she didn't even hear most of what the other participants said, all she heard was 'IN AFRICA'.

Oh yea, here's the picture of the beauty I was talking about:

God is Great!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Nicknames

First, let me talk about the nicknames I have acquired over time. My nicknames are precious and they have specific meanings to me

I'll start with my favourite:

Sisi - It means 'young lady' in Yoruba. Reason I love it the most is that, it is a term of endearment given to me by my father and mother, don't know who started using it first, my mum or my dad but I suspect it's my mum. When I hear it, it just sounds like they are calling my very own name and it just sounds like 'love'. They called me sisi more than they used my original name when I was younger. My mum would tell me stories of how I was a primadona when I was a child. Lol. I would sit pretty at the back of the car with my head held high, legs crossed, staring straight ahead, then maybe in traffic, someone shouts out 'sisi' on the road, which is quite common in nigeria, I would look around in annoyance and fuss 'who is that calling my name?' My mum said she used to have fits of laughter just watching me do that.

When I started going to pre-school, my dad dropped me off and in the process of petting me and promising he would check on me as often as possible while i was sobbing, he forgot to tell the teachers my first name as they only had Miss XXXX (insert surname). The teachers came to me and asked me what my name was and I told them with much confidence 'Sisi'.

They asked me if I was sure and I said yes, so they assumed I had a lisp and was trying to say 'Titi'. Hence I became Titi for a few days till my doting father overheard them in one of his visits. There's even a song that goes with the nickname...

I still love it when my dad, mum or brother call me that, which they do when they have missed me much or we haven't seen each other in a long's such an intimate thing! I might call my first daughter Sisi too...

My second favorite nickname would be Elenu O. It isn't so much about the nickname but rather the person who gave it to me. She was a friend of my mother's who was one of the most motherly women I have ever known. They were part of a ladies' society together and all the women in the society doted on me. She however was a favorite so she nicknamed me, after my tiniest mouth that she said was permanently shaped like a little cute o (my mouth was pretty much a tiny pink o on my face)..then she got the nickname 'Mummy Elenu O'. It sounds long but people got used to it so quickly that it was not that long anymore. Everytime she saw me, which was at least twice a week, she would spoil me with loads of junk that my mum never allowed me between meals; chocolates, ribena and loads of assorted sweets!! I took a great liking to her. I still saw her two years ago and I spoke to her this year and yup, she still calls me 'Elenu O'

Cinderella, Barbie, Redskin, Indian: Were all given to me by 4 different guys in high school. Each obviously needs not much explanation, the redskin and indian ones,

Oh and there's Irish that my darling 100%lighty gave me. I don't know how she came about that because she couldn't even come up with an explanation herself, but somehow, it stuck, that's what she stored my name as on her phone and that's what my username on my laptop is. Lol. I liked it cos it was very original and no, I am not irish.

Speaking of names, choosing one's children's names must be a very daunting task, just thinking about it hurts my head. Wow, there are so many decisions to be made in life, and some of them, would affect your life and other people's life for the rest of your life. I think of those who name their kids 'Fellowship' and I think, how unfair!

Anyway, I'm off to eat a very late lunch.

Have a fab week!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flashback: Teachers

Hi guys. It's been a while. Sorry for the late update. Been extra busy trying to sort a lot of things out, moved from london back to the north, which I wasnt planning on doing, but well, I'm :) good.

When I've been away for long I always come back with random stories, don't know why but anyway I'll start with a funny thing that caught my eye. I was watching Eragon and well, it was just another Lord of The Rings typa film. It got to a part where they were going to war and the hero turned to the heroine, gave her a dashing smile and said 'You look.... fit for war' (insert cheesy smile) and I'm like COMMON!!!! this girl has got a golden feather in her hair. Her hair is rolled into a perfect bun with lovely designs that I can't even get into my hair with hours of work by myself. Are you telling me that something that looks demonic with his army that even look more demonic than him are coming after my town and friends, and I will still have time to put gel in my hair...and a gold feather???!!!!

On to Freedom Writers. I' m one of those people that see some films like a year after they have been released, unless it is a film I have been waiting ages for like RATATOUILLE which is FINALLY HERE (though I havent seen it yet lol)
I saw 'Freedom Writers' recently on my laptop and I was basically sobbing for a quarter of the film. This amazing, naive but nevertheless amazing teacher changed a couple of kids' lives. Well you all know the story, a couple of washed out kids (the jerk, the violent, the quiet one, the girl who is a tomboy, the half good but nearly going bad guy, the guy who swears incessantly etc) get an amazing teacher who changes their life for good! It is a great film.

..BUT it got me thinking (oh oh know)

Why don't I ever get to be in one of those SUPER AMAZING LIFE CHANGING CLASSES??? Why is it that my lecturer who teaches me stats isn't a woman who screams at us everyday 'YOU'RE ALL HEROES' or who buys us new books with her own salary or who gives us glasses of champagne at the start of a new semester to toast to a new year??? Why do I have to have the frumpy doctor who expects me to understand her while she's mumbling to herself while lecturing?

Ok, to be fair, I've had what, two amazing teachers in my lifetime. The first wasn't so much of a teacher, she was my primary school headmistress. This woman had a big role in shaping the kind of person I am today. She taught me love because she simply reeked of love! She taught me as a mother, a friend, an aunt, an educator. She would call me to her office ever so often and we would talk then she would pray for me. I will always remember her all my life.

The second teacher was my english literature teacher in high school. English lit was my favourite class in high school. She taught me that language was powerful. She taught me to tear down words and build them up. She taught me the beauty called poetry. She made Tess of the D'Ubervilles come to life, she made Othello seem so much more tragic and she made Romeo and Juliet much more about love lost. She also taught me a phrase I can never forget and I have seen come to life so many times in my life, I can still see her 5'2 self telling us 'More Haste, Less Speed'.

My english teacher was a different case!!!!! Gosh, if I didn't have an original love for english, I would have failed because of this woman. Yes, even in an english-speaking country. She hated my guts!!!! Rumour had it she had a particular girl she always picked on in each class. Unfortunately for me, it was me representing my class.

There was a day we had a test and I got 19 out of 20. There I was thinking, Yay, I've got this out of the way for this half of the semester. She sat at her table, with her spectacles down her nose, and her big eyes staring at all of us. I presented my mark proudly to her with a 'you can't touch me' attitude. She first put the 19 down after making some comments, then she looked at me and said 'why are you looking at me like that?' I knew immediately there was trouble. What did I do now? I was merely breathing!!! She continued 'I don't like your eyes, you're looking at me funny, you want to initiate me into your circle of witches eh? God will not allow you. Infact, I am going to rub the 1 off the front of your mark' I just opened my mouth in amazement as she scratched the 1 off with her red pen and left the 9.
9 out of 20 in english?!!! Could she do that???? I couldn't think!!!! I got 9 men. For that term, I got 9. Still cannot forget.

Then there was the day, she took the whole class to the school football field and told us to all kneel down. Imagine oh, we always considered ourselves posh kids (lol razz children) and there we all were on the grass. After she abused all our mothers and fathers, she then turned to me and said, 'You this girl you're a witch. I can see you looking at me, why are you looking at me? stupid girl. you're just a bimbo. you think you're all grown up abi? you think you're now beautiful that all the boys are chasing you? shaking your yansh up and down the whole school'

The slim kid I was almost shouted at her 'I DONT EVEN HAVE A YANSH' lol
She proceeded to tell the whole class to stand up, that I would suffer for everyone instead, and there I was, on the grass, looking off into a far direction, and wishing upon a star, that this woman would just be swallowed by the ground. Didn't happen. She bullied other girls in other classes and, we the victims, always got together and talked about our ordeals. Most girls cried each time because she was just mean, but I made sure I didn't cry for her. She made me kneel down so many times in that school year, it was too embarassing. I mean this is a school where you don't get punished unless you beat up a teacher or something, and there I was, kneeling in front of the class in every english class.

One day, the girl who sat in the row next to me was asking me a question and she told me to kneel down for allowing her to ask me the question!!!! Needless to say the girl didnt get punished.
The day I broke down was when she told me to kneel down, then told a boy to rub off the chalk on the board, and the chalk dust was falling on me. Fair enough she wanting me to look like a ghost, but I react to chalk dust and get a bout of asthma. My classmates told her, and she said 'so what? if she gets ill we have a sick bay'. I just smiled. When she left the class, I just broke down and started crying and shouting, 'it's not fair. why is she picking on me. Why!' lol.
The whole class was so sad for me, boys even started talking about organizing a beating for her (LAWL), but men I didnt send being a babe oh, I was just crying like a baby. I guess the frustration had reached its peak. I can't forget her anyway. I try to find a good side, like, maybe she was just trying to instill discipline in me, but HECK NO, she was JUST MEAN.

Needless to say, if i decide to become a lecturer, I will be the type who will shout 'YOU ARE ALL HEROES ' to my students, maybe a trip to the bahamas for everyone to analyze the relationship between relaxed environment and emotions....Sweets anyone? :)


Thursday, September 20, 2007


Her body was frail
But her smile was sweet
His body had aged
But his touch was loving

Her hair a bun of snowy white
Laced with traces of black
His, a tuft all around
And a bald patch in the middle

There they both sat
In the cool of the evening
And in their silence, volumes were spoken

She’d smile at him
With the wrinkles forming on her face
And he’d kiss her cheek
And say something in her ears

This was a love time had seasoned
These were two who had become one
They’d passed through time
And time through them

And here I am standing looking at the both of them

Wait a second
that’s you and I

In golden years to come
(you is still a pronoun, one day it will be a name)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

So I have a few things on my mind I need to get out:

* I am grateful I have life, I am grateful I live in Christ, I am grateful I know God and I am grateful I have the Holy Spirit as my guide, counselor and comforter.

* I am grateful for things that have been and even more grateful for things that are to come

* I am grateful for the mistakes I have made because they have made me believe less in myself and believe more in God

* I am grateful because I know who I am and I know what I was made to do and I have no confusion as to my purpose in life, I am grateful because I know where I am going in and after life

* I am grateful because what I am and what I do is not relevant because all I do and all I am is through and in Christ, I thank God that it is not by merit, it is by favour.

* I am grateful that the same love that is available to the highest placed men of God is exactly the same amount of love available to me and you reading this too.

Why do we fear?
* If you knew the love your Father in heaven had towards you, you would have no reason to fear.
* If you knew that Christ conquered all things just for you, you would not worry about anything.
* If you knew that the Holy Spirit is just as near as you want Him to be, and that He is the best friend anyone could ask for, you would be filled with joy beyond your dreams
~ He takes care of the littlest sparrow in the field, He watches over the doe in the forest
So why shouldn't He care for you? ~
The love I have for you knows no bounds
My Saviour and Lord
No one can lay His life down for me like you did
Teach me to love You like You love me
Teach me to love others like You love them
The best gift I can give to you is my heart, my life, my worship
Everyday, I lay me down
God Loves You! Do you know what that statement means???!!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Some things don't change + Culture clash

So I went to the 'Nigeria House' on Northumberland Avenue yesterday and I must say, you can take the boy out of the farm, but you sure can't take the farm out of the boy.

Why don't we have good customers' services? Why? Why is it that, even right in the heart of london, the wooden floors of the consular reception are coming out?Why is it that the pieces that are out are still left right in the middle of the floor...screaming health and safety hazard!!!??' Why is it that the security man at the door acts as a receptionist at the same time as a customer adviser??Why is the environment so unfriendly??

Anyway I went to get my passport re-issued as my perfume had spilt on it in my bag (i mean i can't use it to travel but it smells goooood lol), I got there and it was my first time of going there..and it just looked and felt like I was back in First Bank minus my mum trying to withdraw money back in the 90's....
I stepped in, took a good look around..saw the gloomy/grumpy faces sitting and standing around and thought to myself 'Ohh no! I'm not doing this today'. There was no order!
So I walked over to the 'receptionist' gave him a bright smile and asked him 'how things worked around here' and well...he did everything for me...some folks got upset but i was out of there really fast! But it was kind of disappointing anyway.

So anyway...Someone got me all emotional today..

You were so beautiful I couldn't take my eyes off you
Was it the way your blue eyes lit up or the eyelashes that seemed to go on forever
I didn't understand a word of your polish language but all I saw was innocence
Child... no, please don't pucker up to the window
They're dirty and germ-infested
Just like a lot of places in this world are
Doesn't mean you won't survive...because I am
A lot of people will try to rob you of your innocence, sweet one
But the treasures of your heart belong to you alone
And those you choose to let in
I almost asked your mum for a picture of us
But then how can she be sure I'm not just some pervert
Because we do live in a perverse world
But just as I see purity and innocence in you
I pray you will always see that and much more
Because even in this ugly world
There will always be beauty around you
My sweet beautiful girl
So I have this wish to adopt a child from at least each continent....Big plans I know, but it's something I've always wanted. Anyway today after my breath-taking encounter with this child, I started would it work out? First I have to pray that my husband is someone who will like the idea of adopting a lot of kids plus the ones we have..but then there is the issue of raising non-nigerians in a nigerian culture...? I am still a bit lost about this...I mean there is nothing bad in raising them in the nigerian is just preserving each one's culture that will be a bit of work... Hhhmm.. Maybe opening a house for orphans will be a way out? I still have a lot of time to decide anyway.
Kk, I'm done being emotional... at least on here.
Have a fab weekend.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Random Gists + Foot In Mouth Again

Hey y'all. Hope you had fab weekends..

Anyway, I managed to do it again. Yes people. I, Mimi, after countless encounters with the sharp-mouthed children, still somehow managed to put my foot in my mouth again! This occured yesterday..I was waiting to go to a lady's house after church, then I saw this really sweet girl who was staring at me. I remembered how I probably used to stare at older 'aunties' in church when I was younger too, so I smiled back at her and struck a conversation. We were talking about her school and what she liked and didn't like. Then I asked her what she wanted to be when she got older.

L'il girl: I want to be a doctor

Mimi: Oh really, that's a big career hun!

L'il girl: Uh Uh.. I want to make lots of money!

Mimi: Well is that the only reason you want to be a doctor?

L'il girl: (pauses for a second and I was almost sure she would say yea! lol) I also want to make people get better..

Mimi: Yea, but you know it's a lot of hard-work right? Becoming a doctor.

L'il girl: Yea, i know. (she sighed) Have you been to a hospital aunty?

Mimi: Yea. I used to work in one, in fact.

L'il girl: Oh really??!!!

Mimi: Uh uh..

L'il girl: And you, like, saw the doctors make them get better?

Mimi: Yea, and I helped the doctors too.

L'il girl: Wow! How?

Mimi: In different ways hun, giving the patients their drugs...

L'il girl: (eyes bulging) Drugs????????????????????

Yea, don't even front, because I know a lot of you still mix that ish up. It was so much fun when I started work at the hospital as a HCA (grade 1 nurse), getting the patients to take their prescribed pills and tablets. Even some of them got confused with pills, they would tell you 'I'm not on any contraceptive pills' and when you said drugs, they'd just look at you like 'HUH?' Funny thing is that, all the nurses still refer to the tablet-giving hours as 'drug rounds'. Anyway I see this 'foot in mouth' thing becoming a series..

I recently found a new passion; flowers. Learning about them, buying them (for myself, selfish? no I don't think so). I don't know, flowers are sooo are so pretty! Here are the carnations i bought from M&S over the weekend.

So while shopping for them, this guy walks up to me and says 'are those for me?' I gave him this really weird look like, Commonnnnnn. then he said 'at least can i get them for you?' I was thinking, how long did it take you to think that? Lol.

So thinking of pick up lines...why oh why, do grown up 'hoodies' exist? i mean i understand if it is a teenage phase, but then you're a grown-up man and you're still rocking the whole 'hoody' outfit...I guess it's a culture I just won't get. Anyway that's not why I'm ranting, the reason I am ranting is because I was waiting at a stop recently one of them approached me and started talking about getting a number. I mean why do they think you can just walk up to a random stranger on a street and get their mobile phone number? Apparently that's what the 'young uns' do. Anyway he said something interesting to me, 'I do your religion, innit so can I have your number?'

Hhmm.. I thought for a split second, then realized he was refering to my pashmina which I had wrapped around my shoulders (to keep warm)...I had to smile there. It was funny. So he thought I was muslim because I had a pashmina..and I thought he was an old 'yob', (well he probably was lol)

I guess appearances count for a lot right? YEA!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Falling For London, Falling For Bourne

Hey y'all. How've you been? Well, a lot has been going on with me, ALL positive, thank God! So it's been a bit hard to blog regularly.
Anyway, so what's with my post title, I'm sure you're wondering?

I've been living in the UK for four years plus now and I must say up until a month ago, I guess it never really fully dawned on me that my life was here. I mean I lived here, knew the city, knew the rules and regulations, knew the pattern, but I guess I just didn't want to commit to her.

But here I am now, committing to knowing London and what she has to offer
Her beauty at night is simply breath-takingingly gorgeous
So why haven't I explored it?
She has many things to offer, more than I am taking
So why haven't I been greedy?
I know the weather might be unstable but that only makes her unique..
doesn't it?
From the exorbitant prices to the freebies on the streets of oxford street
From the dull early mornings to the bright city lights
From the beautiful architecture to the tiny and sometimes annoying roads
From the double-decker buses to the famous black cabs
From Madam Tussauds to Harrods
From the london eye to the london aquarium
From the jazz clubs to the free music festivals in the parks
From all the colours of the tube to the places they lead to
I am falling in love with you, all over again...

Then Bourne...

I watched the Bourne movies recently and discovered a few things. First of all, I never really payed attention to Jason Bourne's life story. I mean he was just another typical 'action man' right? Almost everyone was hyped, but then again, I have never gone with the flow, I make my own currents and let them take me where I want...So I was never too bothered whenever the new addition to the Bourne Legacy came out.
Being a fan of experiencing things before I comment on them, I decided to judge for myself if the film was 'all that'. But since I never start things half-way, I had to start from the very beginning..
I had to go back to when Bourne lost his identity and so began my journey with him on finding himself. And boy what a journey that was.

Bourne, after much studying, to me is an ideal man. He is skillful at his vocation, in fact one of the best for that matter, precise and he thinks ahead. He is not only intelligent, but also there is a thread of human emotion to him and he is not afraid to let that out. He is not afraid to show when he is vulnerable and when he is scared and when he is confused to those who are close to him. Because he is simply smart enough to know that this does not emasculate him, it only makes him a human being.

He showed care towards the children and women he met and he just wanted to do the right thing.

Of course he had a past. We all have our pasts, we all have our stories, and he had his. But he was willing to let go of his past to find a peaceable future for himself.
To top it all, he was just a really cool and quiet all in all, Bourne is perfect.

Well almost.

Because no human being is perfect, I looked to find Bourne's flaw, and I found it. There was no element of spirituality to him. And this, for me, is a must.

I know that for me, my 'Bourne' will have this element of spirituality, so obviously, he will lack in other areas.

I am more than willing to accept that, because I know he will be man enough to accept my lacks too.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me-Me + My Darling HouseFly

I am...: loved and cherished!

My current boyfriend is....: soon to be existing :)

Maybe I should....: read tonight?

I love....: the Holy Spirit, I love my parents and my brother, I love cooking, swimming, reading, laughing.. I can go on and on and on...

I don't understand....: some things but I know Someone who will explain anything to me

I lost my....: (can't actually remember anything I have misplaced)

People say I'm...: a lot of things :) depends on how well they know me

Love is....: the most beautiful word I know

Somewhere, someone is....: smiling, just like i am right about now

I will always...: have faith, hope and love

Forever is....: not so far with the right person beside you

I never want to...: do the wrong thing but is that possible?

I think the current President is...:not a president but a Prime Minister? correct me if i'm wrong!

When I wake up in the morning, I....: brush then spend some QT with The Trinity

Life is full of...: Joy

My past is incredibly...: Interesting and breath-taking!

I get annoyed when...: I feel justice hasn't been carried out

Parties are for...: having fun, and hopefully, eating good food

I wish...: nah, I don't wish anymore, I do!

Tomorrow I'm going to...: leave in God's safe hands

I really want some....: more time with my brother before he goes back to nigeria in 2 weeks

I have low tolerance for people who....: ~blank~

If I had a million dollars...: oh you mean, WHEN i have?

He calls me bug, I call him housefly
See we are only but two
5 years apart, but not in the heart
He's the sibling I will always have
I'm the sibling he almost never had
My darling housefly, I'm glad you're around
Albeit its just for 2 weeks..
Its always good to have you around. x

Friday, August 10, 2007

Children of Nowadays and Other Stories...

Story story,


once upon a time

time time...

Hey guys, how are you doing? So lately I don't know why I have been encountering some really 'challenging' situations with children. But before I go on I have a few other things to mention..

So yesterday, my friend and I went to London Bridge and because we had spent the previous days going out, perambulating shops and basically walking about, we were tired, so we sat down on one of those marble/stone benches just beside the london bridge station. Some nice breeze was blowing and well, it was relaxing..

I have this thing for putting my head on the next person to me's shoulder (relax, i dont do it to strangers oh!, i have to know you well well, and your hair has to smell decent).. so i put my head on her shoulder and we were just relaxing oh, both of us comfortable. My hair started to fly because of the wind, so unconsciously, my friend started to push the hair back from my face and her were just gisting and relaxing that way..

That's how it all started... The stares...

At first i thought hhhmmmmmmmm they are scoping fine girls (psych!)

Then i started to see the amused/bemused looks, the weird glances, the coy smiles, the ugly frowns, the eyebrows-raised-what-are-you-doing looks... then it occured to me....

people were questioning two black girls' sexuality!

At first I thought it was just me, then my friend just blurted out, 'MIMI, why are people staring at us?????'

I had to break it to her gently... 'Honey...they think we're lesbians'

So it has now become questionable to have a friend and be comfortable with being in each other's personal spaces?? I found that a bit silly. We both gave loud hisses and just continued relaxing.... the most amusing part were the men was either a look of annoyance or a look of 'hhmm, interesting!'

Anyway that same yesterday, I had an encounter with some two children like this oh. People, I don't understand what it is with me and children nowadays...And funny enough they are always children from my church..

So yesterday evening, I had just finished from choir rehearsals, so I decided to hitch a ride home with one of the couples that lived close to me. They had these two children, a boy and a girl, who always repeat what the other says and at first I found it hilarious, then I found it a bit annoying. So there we were in the car, having grown-up talk, when the kids decided to strike up a conversation with me..

Girl: Aunty, this is the way to our house
Boy: Yes..the way to our house
Mimi: (smiles at the kids) yes it is, your dad is taking us home
Girl: yes, we don't have to sleep on the road, because we have a house and we have our yown room
Boy: Yes, our own room
Mimi: looks quizically at the boy and wonders if he has a vocabulary of his own
Girl: ....and we have a double bed too
I suddenly looked at the boy to see if he would repeat it, but he was quiet. hhmm, i was a bit relieved. Then he just looked at me and said,
Boy: Aunty..?? Do you have a car in your house??
Mimi: yes dear, but it is at home. why do you ask?
Boy: I just want to know why you are following us in our own car.....?
Girl: yesss, why are you following us in our car??
Mimi: (Gosh!! what do they feed these children!!!)
Lol. anyway i got out of that one easy, and even taught the children a thing or two about why it is good to share your car with other people.
Have a great weekend guys! God bless.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Dawn... New Day

Its been a really long minute guys.

What can I say, a lot has happened, but as the title says, its a new dawn and a new day, God is on the throne so...just watch this space.....

So on to my random gists :) yea yea yea, I know you guys missed that! But first, I just need to clarify that Mimi definitely knows that carrots are vegetables! It only skipped her mind for that day! commonnnnn nowwww. LOL! Thank you to all those who dissed me on my last post.

So on to randomness, my specialty... I was at church one day, the service had just finished and I was talking to a man, and there was an aunty - yea you know those acquired aunties - beside us when her son, about the age of six, suddenly ran up to us.
He was crying hysterically. Apparently, he was quite upset with someone. The following scenario got me laughing out loud..

Little boy: Mummy, (baaaaaaaawwwwwwwlll, sooooooobbbb), muuuuummmmmyy
Boy's mum: What is it?
Little boy: its..its... itsssss... (sob sob, gulps air, more sobbing)
Boy's mum: what is it now? what happened?
Little boy: its that boyyyy, mummyy he - soooobb, gulp - collected my.. my...
Boy's mum: hhm, talk jare, me i don't have time for all this air you're drinking
Little boy: (obviously getting really angry now) he, he, ITS THAT BOY! ITS HIS FAULT!

suddenly, the boy turned round and gave the wooden pew next to him a very loud (and i bet painful) kick. it was his mum's reaction to his violence that got me laughing oh.

Little boy: KICKS SO HARD, his leg bounces back!!!
Boy's mum: ehn ehn, is that what you want?
Boy's mum: oya, agaiinnn
Little boy: BANG, BANG!
Boy's mum: one more time, one more time, common
Little boy: BANNNNG! - this one obviously hurt a lot!
Boy's mum: so are you now feeling better? abi you want more? the chair is there oh!don't worry, it won't break..
Little boy: (really mellow now) no i dont want again..
Boy's mum: are you sure? ehn ehn... its ok then. oya go and look for your dad. pele. you yhear?

the boy walks away, quite disappointed he didnt get the attention he wanted. and his mum just turns back to the lady she was talking to and continued as if her son didn't just try to kick his leg off its joint. A couple of people laughed sooo included, though i kinda felt sorry for the boy oh, but boy, it was funny.

I had other gist, but i can't remember it now, so I guess it will wait till next time hey?

Oh yea, my gurl just started blogging so show her some love...100%lighty she calls herself...girl you better send me some dosh so i dont reveal your name :) we go wayyyyyyy back, known her for some good decade plus now.. show her some blogsville lurvvvvv people!

And oh yea, guys who can should really try checking out TERC. its amazingggggg!!!!


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Aunty Did You Go To School?

Ok so as you all know I was babysitting an aunt's children over the last weekend. Wow, I had fun. Threw a couple of valiums in the kids meals to last them the weekend and partieeed it up in da housssssssssssseee...

eh... doesnt even sound like me... i tried lol.

Anyway the last child, who is a highly intelligent and inquisitive and highly eloquent 5 year old kept me busy the most. She is such a cutie pie! I will call her CP (if you don't get that, I am seriously sorry for you and your future/current spouse and children).

So CP is quite a handful.She got me watching Dora the Explorer and singing 'Bob the Builder, can we fix itttt, Bob the builder , YES WE CANNNNNNNN!' Somehow this always seems to happen when I go and babysit any of my aunt's kids. I go back to my own house and keep wondering why my fingers automatically switch to the Disney Playhouse Channel.

Anyway the main purpose of my story today is this conversation that took place between CP and I... enjoy and kindly laugh at me in a nice way. Thanks.

CP: (in a very polished british accent) auntyy, can you please, read me this book now please?

Mimi: Ok honey. Is this your favourite book?

CP: Yes aunty, it is one of my favourite books.

Mimi: Okay. So let's see what the book is about shall we? (opens the picture book and starts to point at stuff, its good to make reading time interactive for kids now) So what is this?

CP: That is a pink bicycle! and it has two wheels. One and Two

Mimi: Good Girl! And what is this?

CP: That..... is a rollercoaster! and it goes round and round and round!

Mimi: Well done sweetie. You are doing great. How about...ehhhhhhhm (wags finger around the page as if looking for a picture then dramatically lands on one, picture of a flannel) this oneeee?

CP: .......hhmmm... (puts hand on hips and takes a stance) i am not sure aunty. it looks weird

Mimi: That is a flannel. See this picture here? (points to a sponge)

CP: Yes aunty that is a sponge

Mimi: Yes, it is a sponge. A flannel and a sponge are almost the same thing! They are often used for cleaning and bathing.

CP: Well I dont understand what I need a flannel for if I have a sponge already. Anyway... (sits on the bed again)

Mimi: Ok let's go to the next page. So what is ...hhhmm... this?

CP: Carrots!!!!!!!!

Mimi: yes sweetie we are now in the fruit section (me still elaborating my big aunty status)

CP: (pauses, stares at the page, then looks at me..) Auntyyyy? Carrots are vegetables, not fruits

Mimi: ~blank look~ (in my head, KAI!)

Friday, July 20, 2007



I praise you

Through the good and the bad

I praise you

Through the easy and the hard

I praise you

You see my heart, You see my strength, You see how small I am

So I praise you because it is not through me but it is through You

So Father, All the Praises be to Your name

You said give thanks in all situations..

So here I am..

Giving you thanks, and praises too.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Catch-Up Time...

Hiiiiii guys. Its been a hot minute.

Between blogville idols, and my new series and my real original life that just got extra extra busy, I haven't really had much time to update and gist you all about the most random things like i usually do. So i thought, hey, lets catch up!

Well, its not winter in london but neither is it summer, because this weather isn't exactly what i would call summer. I think the weather is soo confused to the extent that it doesn't even know what time of the year it is, so it just decides to throw some nice autumn rains in the mornings, some rubbish cloudy weather in the afternoon and some extremely hot sizzling sun in the evening, i'm like.... what in the world am i supposed to wear through the day?

anyway, if they tell you you're as unpredictable as the british weather, go and look for your grandmother to pray for you..

So on to randomness, there was this day, I got on the bus and there was this elderly black couple near me though they weren't sitting beside each other, they were sitting opposite each other. At the next stop, an elderly asian couple got on too. There were no seats as such that they could sit next to each other, but luckily for them, as they were about to sit, someone got up, so the man sat down and told his wife to come sit beside him. Oh it was such a beaurriful sight, you could still see the love, the way they were both acting.

The man sitting next to the elderly black woman got up shortly after, so the woman called her hubby too. Fred, fred, fred. The man might have been hard of hearing, but i think he was just probably ignoring her.... FRED! FREDD!!!! The man looks at her and raises his eyebrows (meaning yea? can i help you?) The woman patted her seat with a loud bang and said 'come sit hia'.
The man shook his head and muttered something, at this point i was nearly laughing oh. The woman was getting agitated and loud now, 'fred come sit nexta me' - she sounded jamaican. Anyway after much commanding, the poor old man, who by the way is half this woman's size, got up, and at this point, the bus driver was going round the roundabout, so you can guess that the poor man nearly toppled over! After like 5 minutes of the man grabbing to the rails for dear life, he sat next to his wife, who in turn, started beaming at everyone with a satisfied grin.... well I was smiling to myself too at this time. I can imagine the amount of bullying that goes on in that house...

My friend, Dimples (from this
post) is around so we've been tripping the whole of west end. I banned myself from shopping but well, i broke that ban today in many ways. This weekend I am going to babysit about three kids, (something i actually enjoy doing), I have a whole weekend of fun planned for them too, picnics and stuff, you know trying to live up to the aunty title, but with a handful of kids, I doubt I will be blogging this weekend, so that's Man/Woman put off till next week.

What else, a lot has happened to me, life-changing things, but hey, its not exactly EVERYTHING i can blog about :) but no, marriage proposal wasn't one of them, if it was, I would kiss-and-tell. The things that happened were for the better though, and yes, I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

Have a fabulous week / weekend!



Saturday, July 07, 2007


A day of perfection...


Thank You My Father In Heaven. For You have made all things PERFECT in its own time. I love You. Jesus, YOU paid the price, Holy Spirit, be my friend for life.


Friday, July 06, 2007


Why him? I hear you ask. Well God made Adam first. Whether you like it or not, God made the man first. So therefore, henceforth and thereby, WE SHALL START WITH MAN.

Man, man, man. Oh Man. Lord give me wisdom to put these words together.

I feel sorry sometimes for men in this generation. Women sometimes do not know what they want. Is it the Alpha-male or the Metrosexual male? You don't know what a metrosexual male is? A metrosexual male is a man that is comfortable with getting manicures and pedicures and all the works. Well you get my drift. Alpha male? Well, picture Arnie / Rambo / Bruce Willis in Die Hard / Tarzan. Can you imagine Arnie saying .... I'll BE BACK! but first I got to get my hair did, girll i got split ends! Me thinks not!

A woman will say why are you opening the door for me, do I look like I dont have my own hands, swish her hair in his face and give a loud hiss to elaborate just how independent she is, then a few weeks later, she is whining that the man doesn't listen, the man doesn't care.. Well Woman, the man tried to show you he cared sometime ago but you told him you could handle your biznez, so he let you be!
Women are sooooooooooo confused but the men are even moreeee confused. I'm sure they must think a lot, WHAT DOES SHE WANT FROM ME???!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!
Is she Independent? noo, she has to be dependent right? Is she SEMI-independent??? NOoooooo I DONT KNOW WHAT SHE IS!

Well that's just because the signals have all been mixed-up. A man doesnt know if he is to stand when a woman walks into the room (which I think is absolutely cute and respectful!) or just completely ignore her while she grabs her seat and orders her beer too! (i dont drink alcohol oh, just making a point). Anyway now isnt the time to define a woman, I am only trying to let you into the dilemma some men often find themselves in.

A lot of people might not be happy with this post but I still am talking from a Christian perspective because that is how I am, a being in Christ, so I can only see things from God's perspective.

The Male was created first.The male had the first relationship with God. He was the first to view the beautiful Eden, to see God's creation.

Secondly, God put him in the garden to tend to it (Gen 2:15). What does this sound like? It is work oh. Man, it is work. You hear me? Not yahoo-yahoo oh, not sit-on-your-behind-live-on-benefits-from-the-government, IT IS WORK.
Think about this for a second, God gave the man work before he gave him woman. WOW! For me that is quite personal, but I will not digress in this post, I will follow an order. I will elaborate on this point later.

Thirdly, God gave him the instruction on what to do and not to do. (Gen 2 : 16 & 17). The man received the instruction from God and He must have passed it along to Eve when she came to be. God instructed him that 'they musn't eat from the tree of good and evil'. Please note what Eve said in Gen 3:3 You shall not eat it, or touch it'. Someone must have added their own, I don't know if it is Adam or Eve, because God did not say don't touch. Anyway, God gave Adam the instruction. People are fast to blame Eve for the fall of man, but they forget that the man received the instruction, and he wasn't forced to eat the fruit with her.

God made man in the form that he is for specific reasons. If you see the physical shape of an average man, it differs to the physical shape of an average woman. The man is stronger than the woman physically. You might say, oh mimi, what of those women who are professional builders? well here's an answer for you, what body shape do these women's body take after a while?? Huh? I can't hear you? What happens to their breasts? They become non-existent. They begin to walk like men etc.

Everything about a man shows that he is a giver/provider. His hands were made to till the ground (work, not necessarily become a gardner). Let's go a bit deeper into this. I will get graphic so all under 18s are hereby to stop reading from here! (kidding). A man's sexual organ is on the outside while a woman is on the inside right? The man gives of himself, and the woman receives him. The man gives his seed, and the woman receives his seed into her womb.

Ok let me go a bit further here. a woman and a woman do not have the physical requirements to procreate, neither does a man with a man. It isn't possible. A man has no womb, a woman has no sperm. For creation to continue, the man needs to give his sperm and the woman receive the sperm into her body so it can grow in her womb. No matter what way it is done, insemination etc.

See back in the days when the world wasn't so westernized, there were no arguments as to who did what. Biology took care of that. The men went out to hunt and look for food for the family, the women stayed home and birthed children, took care of the house and did the homely activities like cook, clean. Imagine your husband saying 'Jane. Tarzan go to work. Tarzan not know when he come back'. When the man does come back, his wife will be grateful that he is back safe and alive and with food to eat and that a bear did not tear him up, not asking him, you didnt pick up my call. There were simply no complications.
The roles were defined. here let me just say I am not saying women should stay home. Like you'd even listen to me if i did. But I am saying let's not forget that time may change, but God is the same yesterday until tomorrow. His Word hasn't changed and it will not. Just as He created man and woman, He made them with different purposes and reasons.

The man is a protector. If a woman was getting a beating, and maybe her brother or husband or father was just standing by, watching or yawning, won't you think there is something wrong with that man?
Why are men so territorial? MY car, MY aeroplane (as a child lol), MY wife, MY girl, MY team.. Why do women often say ' i am not your possession oh', because the man often tends to treat her like he possessed her. And that is just the way he is built. To own, to mark his territory. With ownership comes responsibility. So if you say MY WIFE, well, you're responsible for her. You just don't say 'MY' and expect her to be a doormat. A man is supposed to protect a woman's honour and not discredit it. When we see people raping babies that are as young as 2 years of age, one begins to wonder, is there no more reason/logic/moral/love/ i dont know the word anymore in this society?

I will continue on the man in a later post. This looks like it will take a while.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Back To The Basics

First let me start off to say why I chose to do this series on Man/Woman. Recently, many people with blogs have written posts on love, their search for love, heartbreak, asking questions such as why men cheat or why are women gold-diggers, hatred for love, and generally, matters to do with the heart. I have read good books that have shaped my opinions on these things we call relationships and love, so I decided to share. Because if we have no knowledge, we will be ignorant, thereby, miss our way. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave your comments. also, they may tend to be long, but well, knowledge is essential.

Let me say here that that I will use the Word of God a lot in these posts and that is because, God created us. What better way to know about oneself than to go back to Him who created us? Think about it for a minute. You buy a fan like Bimbylads did from ASDA (hiiiiiii girl lol), and without knowing what parts go where or what screws go in where, you start to assemble your fan...I bet you at some point you will get frustrated. Even men have been known to pick up manuals. It is only the smartest and easiest thing to do. The manufacturer put the manual there for use, not decoration.
SO also, we need to go back to Him who created us...for the manual.

People are sooo confused as to what and who they are, or what their purposes are. If you don't know your purpose, you will misuse or abuse yourself. If I don't know what a car was designed for, I might decide to start living in it, hanging my clothes from the steering wheel and doing ridiculous things with it, when the car was designed to transport me from one point to another. Also, if you dont know what your purpose is in life, you will abuse yourself. If you don't know what a man or a woman's purpose is in life, you will abuse or misuse her.

Think about it,

why do we want relationships? why are some women so unrelenting in their search for a man? why are some women never fulfilled unless they are in a relationship even if it is a meaningless one? why are some men so uncaring that all they want from a woman is just sex? why do some men find it difficult to commit and as long as they can have sex with a woman, that's all they need?
It is because we do not know the purpose of a man or a woman in our lives.

God is a God of purpose. He predetermined everything and made everything with a purpose. He made the sun to produce light, He made water for what's its purposes are, He made every single thing with a purpose. Including man and woman. You are not an experiment, you are a purposed being, so why experiment with your life? Not every purpose is known to man, that is why we need to have a relationship with God so that He can guide us and reveal our purposes to us as we go on in life.

Let's go back to the beginning.. back to when God decided to create man. He said 'Let us make man in Our image, according to Our Likeness' - Gen 1:26. God is Spirit so He created us in His image which means our real selves are our spirits. He then made bodies for the spirits to dwell in and gave them souls so they can have a mind to think, feel and make decisions. God is Love, and Love cannot be experienced until it is given away, until it is shared. So He made Man in His image and likeness to have fellowship or relationship with him. That is why He came down in the evening back in the days of Eden to chat with Adam and Eve. There was a relationship, a connection, the way it was intended to be. Then that relationship got severed and things got out of hand. Man (both man and woman now) lost his purpose. Man received consequences for his actions that will forever change the way things would be.

I will continue in a later post. I intend to make this a regular post until I have exhausted my references so you know when to come here for updates, so mondays and fridays?


Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogville Idols Finalist!

Hey guysss!

Just a quick note to let you know that I am a finalist in the Blogville Idols and I would like you all to vote for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Pretty Please!!!!!!!

And also, sorry I havent updated my series, this week has been way way way too busy and hectic...I will get round to updating both blogs soon.

Thanks to everyone who's voted for me so far! I appreciate it. to my sister who has basically been my campaign manager, excitedjade I love you!

To my first official groupie, Laspapi!!!!!!!! thanks :) Hope you've been voting ohhhhh.

To my friend who I cant mention his name for his positive words and support, u r my padi ;)

To my fansss! Wow, this wouldnt have been possible without you.

But to make it final, vote vote vote! To do so, just click on the Blogville Idol Badge on the right of this post!

Love always


Update: I didnt win. But i want to thank everyone who voted for or rooted for me! Thanks guysss! Didnt want to put up a new post because I want to write another post and dont want this to interfere. Well done Pink-Satin and Opeke, well done Ugo, cheetarah, bimbylads, naijavixen, tayo, Londonbuki. Well done all the contestants. Well done Dscribe. It was fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To Uzo and introducing to you bloggers: Indian Hawtness!

I wasnt going to post anything till my Man/Woman series but

To Uzo, whose birthday was yesterday, and to other bloggers and anonymouses who havent seen this hawtness of a girl in this hawtness of a video, pls enjoy!

So my fellow india lover, hope you had a happy birthday.

Ms Aishawarya presents ...

'Crazy Kiya Re'

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hey dudes and dudettes, I know I haven't blogged properly for a while now, just dedicated a post to my lovely sister on her birthday and wrote a painful post on the nigerian guy who died but that's been all.

Anyway I am back full-time now and as a sort of commemoration of me coming back, I have put my mp3 player back up. lol. and the song that is playing is one that I absolutely love!!

Ok so I am still in the running to become the next Blogville Idol :) Thanks to all those who have voted and are still voting for me!!

So what antics have I been up to these past few weeks?? Not much actually except wanna hear it abi? ehn..okay i will tell you.

So this day I was at work, and I was extremely bored!!!!!!!! I mean nearly-dozing-off-bored, how many of you watched sylvester and tweety when you were kids or let's go for the common one, Tom and Jerry? No?...I mean common y'all, I know a lot of you must have watched 'Ijapa and Yanibo' on NTA at some point (for all those who wanna act posh, Yanibo is Ijapa's wife and for all those who even wanna act posher, Ijapa is the famous tortoise from the yoruba folk stories)...but those stations too showed a bit of Tom chasing Jerry now?????

Anyway, you know when Tom is feeling so sleepy, he has to use toothpick to hold his eyelids up? thats how bored I was! I even saw some toothpicks....but ehm, I am no cartoon character. Please I cant explain to the medics that I was just trying to copy Tom the cat. The thought did cross my mind though. LAWLING (thats the new lol....keep up pls)

Anyway I brought out this packet of gum (you guys know this Trident Soft Gum, hhmm you need to try the Tropical Flavour, its yum!) and I basically finished the whole pack in an hour!!! Yea after chewing the 'sweetness' out of a stick, i chuck it in the bin and pop the next one in my mouth..

When I was done with the gum, I started to read the pack (a habit I picked up from somewhere I dont know, I read everything, from bottles of cranberry juice to my favourite chicken, bacon and pasta salad anyway I digress again but what else is new...)...

and on the pack, there were some funny stuff written on it!!! I was like huh?? ok for example, they said 'the gum is softer than your pillow but tastier to chew'...funny...but true.

Next thing I saw on the pack was 'our customer service people are always sooo bored because no one ever calls them. If you feel sorry for them give them a call on ....' HA HA HA.
You should have seen the cheeky grin that came to my face. I looked around, making sure no one that will put me in trouble was around, picked up my tele (acronym for telephone, i did say keep up!), and dialled.


'Hello, Trident Customer Services, How may I help you' a female voice answered me.

'Hiiiiiii! (enthusiastic I definitely was) I heard you were bored and I just wanted to cheer you up'

Pause .... 'Hello, sorry what did you say?'

DUH!! - she was slowing my roll

'Hi, I got a pack of you people's gum, and on it, it says that you were bored at work so we, the customers should give you a call'

'Ohhhhhh. (sounded like she was just waking up from a coma, hiss) Thatttt'

Thats how we chatted for about 5 minutes. I told her I was bored. She said she was too. Told her I was in london, said she was in birmingham. She even asked me what flavour of their gum I bought and I told her. I asked her if they got a lot of 'my type' - you know the cheeky ones, and she chuckled and said, yea they did, but not too much. She made me laugh and I made her laugh.
Hence a stranger brought smiles to my boring day at work and I sure hope I did the same, otherwise she would probably have said some very vulgar french after I hung up, either way, I was smiling after that call.
Ok so if anyone wants to try that out, their number is 0800818181. Its freephone, you cheapskates. And lets hope you dont get a grouch on the phone.

Ok so when I spoke of Tortoise and his wife, I remembered this art project I had in the second year of my secondary school. We were supposed to make puppets. I had some really weird teachers but story for another day. So I was not a fan of Fine Art unless it had to do with colours. So I didnt get to 'create' my puppet till the morning it was due! My mum saw me and was short of cursing me for my procrastinating habits. LOL. Me, mimi, I wasn't bothered. I just went about my task with her ranting. I told her to give me some of her lovely lace fabric and if you see the eye she gave me..hmm.. i knew better. So I went and got some ugly dull purple fabric and cut out something that looked like the shape of a doll. Of course I did not have barbie in mind so my cut wasnt exactly ... nice. I stitched my puppet right on the outside, left a space at the top of her head, where I got some nice wool and stuffed her with, sowed the rest of her head, gave her button eyes (not cute! dont even think that), used a smaller button for the nose, a totally different colour by the way and since I didnt have a clue as to what to use for her mouth, I stitched one in that looked like an about-to-puke frown. Then, I traced her black thread 'smile' with my mum's REDDDDD lipstick.....I wasnt through with my atrocity on this way..
I took one look at her and saw that she looked like a middle-aged purple man with a huge belly as most of the wool settled in her round stomach...hhmm, THEN I decided to add a touch of femininity (FEMININITY my behind).. I went to my mum's weave drawer and brought out one single track...I quickly sowed this black weave on the top of her head, note, the top of her head had hair, but the middle and back didnt..soo....when I was done I looked at her and thought 'DANG!' but shrugged and stuffed her in my bag.

When my elder brother saw her he said 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! take her away from meeeeee, who created frankenstein?' He went further to name her Yanibo, we later shortened it to Yanny-Yanny (pronounced as in Yawn) .

My mum always threw her away whenever she saw her and she'd say 'get that ugly thing out of sight!'

When my little cousin who was about 6 months saw her, she screamed and wept! Enuff Said!

Yanny-Yanny was Zuuuugly! but she was my Yanny, and to me, she was in a league of barbies!

I want to start a mini-series on Man and Woman soon...I hope you come around for those so we can rub heads together.



Thursday, June 21, 2007

Writing Human Rights Off - Bloggers call to Rise Again

Here is my official protest to the unlawful manslaughter of the nigerian man by the name of Osamuyia Aikpitanhi (23) who died on the Iberian flight headed towards nigeria.

He was an illegal immigrant, not an animal

He was a human being with two hands that were tied

Two legs bound as well

He had a head with a mouth like the rest of us, but he was gagged, like an animal prevented from uttering sounds

He had dreams and aspirations too, obviously, for a better life as that would be why he was an immigrant

But the vile and evil minded people, who chose to treat him lesser than their domiciled pets, cut these dreams short

He was put on a plane and covered with a sack, just like a bag of potatoes with no life or soul in it...

He died.

From the evil treatment

From the pain

He died the death even some animals would never face.

Bloggers, we did it with the Nigerian Proclamation....

Pay a tribute to the end of a life

Pay a tribute to a fellow human being

Pay a tribute to the abuse of humanity.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


As YOU add one more year to your life

God's promises for your life will be added unto you

And his peace will be multiplied unto you in many ways

Sorrow will be taken away

And the praises of your Father in Heaven shall never depart from your mouth

Because of the wonderous things He will do in your life

I love you sister!You are simply amazing!!!


Monday, June 11, 2007


lol. i didn't know what to title my first Idols report post!

So I just finished recording my song. hhmmm.... i have no comment. i tried my best though. hopefully by friday this cold and cough will be gone (yes! i am an optimist, i am still hoping i will be in the competition come friday!) you guys need to hear my naig rendition, I am serious!

DIARY OF A G, or what do you call yourself, you've been scaring all the contestants. I will have you know that is called assault! I will not hesitate to report you to Blog PoPo.

To my other wonderful contestants, I wish you all good luck and more greases to your throats!

To my wonderful listening audience and voting public, I WISH YOU ALL MORE LUCK FOR HAVING TO ENDURE WITH SOME (NOT ALL) OF THE VOICES YOU WILL BE

To my wonderful host, do your thing Girl!

TO my wonderful panel of judges, can I ever so forget the beautiful fiery duo called the Vixens? Or is it the ever so loving and warm London Buki? Or the divalicious one and only, no other counterfeit, BimbyLads?? Or the ever so helpful Blog Technician Mr Tayo?? They couldnt have picked better judges (lol hope your heads are swelling!)

TO THE OH so helpful and effective and all rounder, Mr Ugo Daniels... it could not have been so beautiful without your help!!!!!!! How could I forget??????????? I did not!

AND TO PINKPEKE, the brains behind this production, may your brains become more useful as age continues to descend on the both of you oh! May you never run out of smart and intelligent ideas. May your grey matter never be truly grey but may it be splashed with all sorts of wonderful colours!!! Hhhm, well done ladies, I am so proud of U!

meanwhile some forces were trying to come against me while I recorded my first song (lol!)namely, my mother!(unknowingly speaking Vernacular to me while I recorded my rendition, IMAGINE THAT!), namely my neighbour who is currently reconstructing his house and has all these builders banging and hitting stuff in the background....No comment on him, man has to renovate right? and lastly Diary of G, warn yourself!

Lol, you guyz have fun listening to the contestants!

Ever so colourful me,


p.s you like my blue dress? i got it specially in the celebrity infested store @ Avatar Stores in Regent Street oh! I think they have a branch on the 5th Avenue sef. It's not easy! lol, jokes!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wishes For A Loved One

Wish that pigs could fly

Just so you'd have your dreams

Wish I could bring you the sunset in the morning

To let you know the beauty of life

Wish I could kiss your wound and make it better

So it doesnt hurt anymore

Wish I could bring together, all the birds in the air

To sing you a song of your choice

Wish I could make the lakes flow by your feet

To remind you of the peace within

Wish I could give you a thousand waves to ride

So you'd never forget the adventure called life

I wish these and much more....

TO give a world so perfect

Only dreams could make reality

But this is my wish for you



Friday, June 08, 2007

Under the Influence..... most of blogville is now aware of Blogville Idols there is not that much to say except check it out!

I am a contestant (yay!) and I will try (to serenade)...ahem...not to burst your eardrums... lol

VOTE MIMI!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

meanwhile one flu just hit me recently, and the whole of my head, nose, eyes ache a whole lot...but being the strong headed. never giving up person i am, i am not pulling out oh. i have committed to this course, i shall stay faithfully on it...even if it is for you blogville residents to endure my benylin-coated, honey and syrup drowsed voice, even if it is just ONE TIME! lol...

its all in the name of fun! I dont even know who my fellow contestants are but I got nothing but love for all of you fact go do your thing babes and bobos and hemaphros! lets rawk this thing with one love (shmuck, seriously is there mary j. in those cough syrups? why do i feel high and light if i start to sing 'One Love, one heart lets get together and feel alrriighhhttt' know that I am paying tribute to a certain someone (Go Majek! or is it Bob Marley? its the Benylin!)

OK bloggers and anonymouses and people, support this idea (even if you don't want to support me though i still got my pom-poms and am shouting GO MIMI! :)