Monday, June 09, 2008

One Year on.... Birthdays, Love, Blogville 08!!!!!!

Wow, I simply can't believe it's been a year since last year! LOL that sounds weird but figure it out. I mean, I clearly remember what last year was like and it's been a year already?!!!!! I had my birthday, a whole lot happened last year, and during the past year a whole lot more has happened!!!
But consistent and continuous growth is good...and I love God. and He loves me :) that's about the most stable thing ever!!!!!

So my birthday was on the 3rd but I didn't put up the usual birthday post....maybe I wasn't bothered or maybe I just wanted to do something out of the norm or maybe I was just plain lazy.........I think it was all three :)
It was a very quiet contrast to my mother's 50th!!! I mean my birthday is just two days after hers, but it was like everyone in the family forgot I was even there. Like a day to my birthday my brother said 'hold up, your birthday's like tomorrow right?' i just rolled my eyes. its not their fault. lol. it was all about her. this year. this time. watch out mother!

So I'm still getting used to this blogger thing, so this will be short too :) or maybe i'm just lazy or maybe i have no gist....i think it's all three :)

so i'me leaving you with this....

its back, its fabulous, its entertaining, its fun.....its LIVE (or so we'd like to think)

its BLOGVILLE IDOLS 08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF YOU MISSED LAST YEAR''s another chance to catch the fun....the biting, screaming, singing or trying to, the wowing and booings, the sashayings by yours truly (and if u don't know what that means..gosh! am i sorry for you)....

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