Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogville Idols Finalist!

Hey guysss!

Just a quick note to let you know that I am a finalist in the Blogville Idols and I would like you all to vote for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Pretty Please!!!!!!!

And also, sorry I havent updated my series, this week has been way way way too busy and hectic...I will get round to updating both blogs soon.

Thanks to everyone who's voted for me so far! I appreciate it. to my sister who has basically been my campaign manager, excitedjade I love you!

To my first official groupie, Laspapi!!!!!!!! thanks :) Hope you've been voting ohhhhh.

To my friend who I cant mention his name for his positive words and support, u r my padi ;)

To my fansss! Wow, this wouldnt have been possible without you.

But to make it final, vote vote vote! To do so, just click on the Blogville Idol Badge on the right of this post!

Love always


Update: I didnt win. But i want to thank everyone who voted for or rooted for me! Thanks guysss! Didnt want to put up a new post because I want to write another post and dont want this to interfere. Well done Pink-Satin and Opeke, well done Ugo, cheetarah, bimbylads, naijavixen, tayo, Londonbuki. Well done all the contestants. Well done Dscribe. It was fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To Uzo and introducing to you bloggers: Indian Hawtness!

I wasnt going to post anything till my Man/Woman series but

To Uzo, whose birthday was yesterday, and to other bloggers and anonymouses who havent seen this hawtness of a girl in this hawtness of a video, pls enjoy!

So my fellow india lover, hope you had a happy birthday.

Ms Aishawarya presents ...

'Crazy Kiya Re'

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hey dudes and dudettes, I know I haven't blogged properly for a while now, just dedicated a post to my lovely sister on her birthday and wrote a painful post on the nigerian guy who died but that's been all.

Anyway I am back full-time now and as a sort of commemoration of me coming back, I have put my mp3 player back up. lol. and the song that is playing is one that I absolutely love!!

Ok so I am still in the running to become the next Blogville Idol :) Thanks to all those who have voted and are still voting for me!!

So what antics have I been up to these past few weeks?? Not much actually except wanna hear it abi? ehn..okay i will tell you.

So this day I was at work, and I was extremely bored!!!!!!!! I mean nearly-dozing-off-bored, how many of you watched sylvester and tweety when you were kids or let's go for the common one, Tom and Jerry? No?...I mean common y'all, I know a lot of you must have watched 'Ijapa and Yanibo' on NTA at some point (for all those who wanna act posh, Yanibo is Ijapa's wife and for all those who even wanna act posher, Ijapa is the famous tortoise from the yoruba folk stories)...but those stations too showed a bit of Tom chasing Jerry now?????

Anyway, you know when Tom is feeling so sleepy, he has to use toothpick to hold his eyelids up? thats how bored I was! I even saw some toothpicks....but ehm, I am no cartoon character. Please I cant explain to the medics that I was just trying to copy Tom the cat. The thought did cross my mind though. LAWLING (thats the new lol....keep up pls)

Anyway I brought out this packet of gum (you guys know this Trident Soft Gum, hhmm you need to try the Tropical Flavour, its yum!) and I basically finished the whole pack in an hour!!! Yea after chewing the 'sweetness' out of a stick, i chuck it in the bin and pop the next one in my mouth..

When I was done with the gum, I started to read the pack (a habit I picked up from somewhere I dont know, I read everything, from bottles of cranberry juice to my favourite chicken, bacon and pasta salad anyway I digress again but what else is new...)...

and on the pack, there were some funny stuff written on it!!! I was like huh?? ok for example, they said 'the gum is softer than your pillow but tastier to chew'...funny...but true.

Next thing I saw on the pack was 'our customer service people are always sooo bored because no one ever calls them. If you feel sorry for them give them a call on ....' HA HA HA.
You should have seen the cheeky grin that came to my face. I looked around, making sure no one that will put me in trouble was around, picked up my tele (acronym for telephone, i did say keep up!), and dialled.


'Hello, Trident Customer Services, How may I help you' a female voice answered me.

'Hiiiiiii! (enthusiastic I definitely was) I heard you were bored and I just wanted to cheer you up'

Pause .... 'Hello, sorry what did you say?'

DUH!! - she was slowing my roll

'Hi, I got a pack of you people's gum, and on it, it says that you were bored at work so we, the customers should give you a call'

'Ohhhhhh. (sounded like she was just waking up from a coma, hiss) Thatttt'

Thats how we chatted for about 5 minutes. I told her I was bored. She said she was too. Told her I was in london, said she was in birmingham. She even asked me what flavour of their gum I bought and I told her. I asked her if they got a lot of 'my type' - you know the cheeky ones, and she chuckled and said, yea they did, but not too much. She made me laugh and I made her laugh.
Hence a stranger brought smiles to my boring day at work and I sure hope I did the same, otherwise she would probably have said some very vulgar french after I hung up, either way, I was smiling after that call.
Ok so if anyone wants to try that out, their number is 0800818181. Its freephone, you cheapskates. And lets hope you dont get a grouch on the phone.

Ok so when I spoke of Tortoise and his wife, I remembered this art project I had in the second year of my secondary school. We were supposed to make puppets. I had some really weird teachers but story for another day. So I was not a fan of Fine Art unless it had to do with colours. So I didnt get to 'create' my puppet till the morning it was due! My mum saw me and was short of cursing me for my procrastinating habits. LOL. Me, mimi, I wasn't bothered. I just went about my task with her ranting. I told her to give me some of her lovely lace fabric and if you see the eye she gave me..hmm.. i knew better. So I went and got some ugly dull purple fabric and cut out something that looked like the shape of a doll. Of course I did not have barbie in mind so my cut wasnt exactly ... nice. I stitched my puppet right on the outside, left a space at the top of her head, where I got some nice wool and stuffed her with, sowed the rest of her head, gave her button eyes (not cute! dont even think that), used a smaller button for the nose, a totally different colour by the way and since I didnt have a clue as to what to use for her mouth, I stitched one in that looked like an about-to-puke frown. Then, I traced her black thread 'smile' with my mum's REDDDDD lipstick.....I wasnt through with my atrocity on this way..
I took one look at her and saw that she looked like a middle-aged purple man with a huge belly as most of the wool settled in her round stomach...hhmm, THEN I decided to add a touch of femininity (FEMININITY my behind).. I went to my mum's weave drawer and brought out one single track...I quickly sowed this black weave on the top of her head, note, the top of her head had hair, but the middle and back didnt..soo....when I was done I looked at her and thought 'DANG!' but shrugged and stuffed her in my bag.

When my elder brother saw her he said 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! take her away from meeeeee, who created frankenstein?' He went further to name her Yanibo, we later shortened it to Yanny-Yanny (pronounced as in Yawn) .

My mum always threw her away whenever she saw her and she'd say 'get that ugly thing out of sight!'

When my little cousin who was about 6 months saw her, she screamed and wept! Enuff Said!

Yanny-Yanny was Zuuuugly! but she was my Yanny, and to me, she was in a league of barbies!

I want to start a mini-series on Man and Woman soon...I hope you come around for those so we can rub heads together.



Thursday, June 21, 2007

Writing Human Rights Off - Bloggers call to Rise Again

Here is my official protest to the unlawful manslaughter of the nigerian man by the name of Osamuyia Aikpitanhi (23) who died on the Iberian flight headed towards nigeria.

He was an illegal immigrant, not an animal

He was a human being with two hands that were tied

Two legs bound as well

He had a head with a mouth like the rest of us, but he was gagged, like an animal prevented from uttering sounds

He had dreams and aspirations too, obviously, for a better life as that would be why he was an immigrant

But the vile and evil minded people, who chose to treat him lesser than their domiciled pets, cut these dreams short

He was put on a plane and covered with a sack, just like a bag of potatoes with no life or soul in it...

He died.

From the evil treatment

From the pain

He died the death even some animals would never face.

Bloggers, we did it with the Nigerian Proclamation....

Pay a tribute to the end of a life

Pay a tribute to a fellow human being

Pay a tribute to the abuse of humanity.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


As YOU add one more year to your life

God's promises for your life will be added unto you

And his peace will be multiplied unto you in many ways

Sorrow will be taken away

And the praises of your Father in Heaven shall never depart from your mouth

Because of the wonderous things He will do in your life

I love you sister!You are simply amazing!!!


Monday, June 11, 2007


lol. i didn't know what to title my first Idols report post!

So I just finished recording my song. hhmmm.... i have no comment. i tried my best though. hopefully by friday this cold and cough will be gone (yes! i am an optimist, i am still hoping i will be in the competition come friday!) you guys need to hear my naig rendition, I am serious!

DIARY OF A G, or what do you call yourself, you've been scaring all the contestants. I will have you know that is called assault! I will not hesitate to report you to Blog PoPo.

To my other wonderful contestants, I wish you all good luck and more greases to your throats!

To my wonderful listening audience and voting public, I WISH YOU ALL MORE LUCK FOR HAVING TO ENDURE WITH SOME (NOT ALL) OF THE VOICES YOU WILL BE

To my wonderful host, do your thing Girl!

TO my wonderful panel of judges, can I ever so forget the beautiful fiery duo called the Vixens? Or is it the ever so loving and warm London Buki? Or the divalicious one and only, no other counterfeit, BimbyLads?? Or the ever so helpful Blog Technician Mr Tayo?? They couldnt have picked better judges (lol hope your heads are swelling!)

TO THE OH so helpful and effective and all rounder, Mr Ugo Daniels... it could not have been so beautiful without your help!!!!!!! How could I forget??????????? I did not!

AND TO PINKPEKE, the brains behind this production, may your brains become more useful as age continues to descend on the both of you oh! May you never run out of smart and intelligent ideas. May your grey matter never be truly grey but may it be splashed with all sorts of wonderful colours!!! Hhhm, well done ladies, I am so proud of U!

meanwhile some forces were trying to come against me while I recorded my first song (lol!)namely, my mother!(unknowingly speaking Vernacular to me while I recorded my rendition, IMAGINE THAT!), namely my neighbour who is currently reconstructing his house and has all these builders banging and hitting stuff in the background....No comment on him, man has to renovate right? and lastly Diary of G, warn yourself!

Lol, you guyz have fun listening to the contestants!

Ever so colourful me,


p.s you like my blue dress? i got it specially in the celebrity infested store @ Avatar Stores in Regent Street oh! I think they have a branch on the 5th Avenue sef. It's not easy! lol, jokes!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wishes For A Loved One

Wish that pigs could fly

Just so you'd have your dreams

Wish I could bring you the sunset in the morning

To let you know the beauty of life

Wish I could kiss your wound and make it better

So it doesnt hurt anymore

Wish I could bring together, all the birds in the air

To sing you a song of your choice

Wish I could make the lakes flow by your feet

To remind you of the peace within

Wish I could give you a thousand waves to ride

So you'd never forget the adventure called life

I wish these and much more....

TO give a world so perfect

Only dreams could make reality

But this is my wish for you



Friday, June 08, 2007

Under the Influence..... most of blogville is now aware of Blogville Idols there is not that much to say except check it out!

I am a contestant (yay!) and I will try (to serenade)...ahem...not to burst your eardrums... lol

VOTE MIMI!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

meanwhile one flu just hit me recently, and the whole of my head, nose, eyes ache a whole lot...but being the strong headed. never giving up person i am, i am not pulling out oh. i have committed to this course, i shall stay faithfully on it...even if it is for you blogville residents to endure my benylin-coated, honey and syrup drowsed voice, even if it is just ONE TIME! lol...

its all in the name of fun! I dont even know who my fellow contestants are but I got nothing but love for all of you fact go do your thing babes and bobos and hemaphros! lets rawk this thing with one love (shmuck, seriously is there mary j. in those cough syrups? why do i feel high and light if i start to sing 'One Love, one heart lets get together and feel alrriighhhttt' know that I am paying tribute to a certain someone (Go Majek! or is it Bob Marley? its the Benylin!)

OK bloggers and anonymouses and people, support this idea (even if you don't want to support me though i still got my pom-poms and am shouting GO MIMI! :)


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogville IDOLS + Update


check pink-satin's blog or 9jaopeke's blog for more details. Also, the blogville idols website is here.

TO people who found my raw-pepper eating habits that i talked about in the last post funny / weird, you guys never jam! it is sweet, and it is very healthy! thank u LB, i was starting to feel like the only weirdo here who ate raw red pepper.
Meanwhile you guys know the wristwatch i said i got as BOGOF, when I went to buy my mum her birthday present, after I put the post up, like some 30 minutes after, me still rawking my wristwatch walked past my mother and the following conversation ensued:

Mama Mimi: Mimi, come here
Mimi: Mother, wetin?
Mama Mimi: I said come closer
Mimi: (seeing her eyes on my hand thinking oh men) mummy what now?
Mama Mimi: Let me see your wrist watch
Mimi: Why now?
Mama Mimi: I like it ni
Mimi: Mummy how can you like this funky wristwatch. I bought you a classy one and I purposely picked out this one for myself with the hope that it will be too funky for you
Mama Mimi: its not funky at all o. In fact I prefer it to the one you gave me yesterday. remove it, let me see
Mimi: grumbling, I remove it and hand it over
Mama Mimi: (wears it) it is fine o. see
Mimi: mummy it was on my hand, I saw it. In fact i saw it thats why I picked it for myself!
Mama Mimi: I like this one now, I like it a lot o.
Mimi : still grumbling, ok you can have it
Mama Mimi: ehn?????! are you serious? (like that wasnt what she was aiming for before)
Mimi: Yes!
Mama Mimi: Ose my dear. thats two wristwatches for my birthday. Thank you. I like it. See how fine it is?

I just turned round and walked in the other direction. She really didnt have to rub it in my face, did she?

Meanwhile I met one human on the bus today. Some men approach women like interviews. Thats how I got on a bus on my way to work. I got to the upper deck and sat down. This guy started to stare with his mouth wide open. After a few seconds the guy came over and introduced himself o.

'My name is XXXX, I work for XXXX and I have a BSc in marketing , I graduated from University of Lagos but I am now doing my masters at XXXX in International somethin somethin somethin'

All this while , I had my mp3 player in my ear. The guy didn't even care that I wasn't paying attention. He just continued to talk. I am serious if I was looking to hire someone for a job, I will hire him because he was just marketing himself!!

'I am from a family of.... My parents are in ..... my siblings are all here in the UK and we're all independent. I'm a very busy man. I dont have time for rubbish and I dont do fraud, in essence what I am trying to say is, I have the means to take care of you'

Wow! this man was proper telling me history. I wanted to laugh but I couldnt. Some other people were looking like is this guy serious. lol. It was funny. The way and rate at which he was spilling out info without me uttering anything ... It just got me wondering how guys approach women differently. Anyway gist for another day. Hows everyone? Check out the blogville idols thing.



Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stalker Gist + Meme

Hhm, first of all i'd like to thank the lovely lovely people who left me messages on blog and Ugo and blogsis, excitedjade who dedicated posts to me, it was very nice of you. Wish I could start off by thanking everyone one after the other but you're all just so lovely and nice. Thank you. I had a nice and quiet day. Just a couple of friends over, cooked and had fun. Birthdays are mainly for giving thanks and reflections for me, and I'm just grateful that I have started a new year.

Blogsis, 'Moni tagged me in this meme so here are 7 things you don't know about me:
* I once ran a cross-country race for my team in high school, without practicing for the race at all. Someone pulled out in the last 5 minutes and being one of the peeps in charge (was actually in charge of marching but busybody dey catch me), I volunteered when no one was willing to go. I didnt know the route as I had never practiced, so I had to follow the crowd, I can run fast but not for long because of the second point below..
* I am asthmatic...(so I got a lot of attacks on that day and I must have overdosed on my inhaler...sometimes I just do things like that to push myself to see how far I can go..I did finish the race though technically I should have landed in the hospital and wasnt even the last person but I doubt I will try a stunt like that again)
* I eat these raw, i also eat them cooked of course but emphasis is on raw

* I can sing the Halleluyah chorus in alto
* I have 9 uncles and 8 aunts of which one of the aunts is my mate...(go figure!)

* I am an extremely fast reader.. I finish novels in a few hours (not talking of danielle steel flats)
* I lurrrvvvvvvv the smell of fresh laundry especially just outside the door of laundry rooms
So here goes my stalker gist. It was about 5 or 6 years ago. It was a sunny sunday and I had just had an oh-so-lovely day where I had spent my sunday watching over the babies in the creche department of my church and I was walking on cloud nine as this was my favourite thing to do. The service was over and the parents had come to collect their little tots so I went to the main church building. The head usher saw me and said someone had been looking for me but that he didn't know where the person was. I said ok, little did I know it was not okay at all! I went outside to the car park with Twix (I mentioned her in Nostalgia ii, if she could be my better half, she would be!). A young man suddenly tapped me on my shoulder and I turned round to face him. Twix left and the following dialogue ensued (cant remember it in full but I will try my best)

Stalker: Hi
Me: Hi, can I help you?
Stalker:You're name is Mimi right?
Me: Yes it is (I am now very puzzled as I have never seen his face before)
Stalker: (breathes a loud sigh of relief and a wide smile appears on his face) Oh thank God. You don't know how glad and happy I am. You have no idea. This is the happiest day of my life.
Me: Really?Sorry, do I know you from somewhere? (looking confused)
Stalker: No you don't but I hope you will know me very well
Me: (thinking he is just a random guy wanting to try his luck) sorry I don't have time for all this.
Stalker: ahhh, you will have time o. See, you don't understand I have been looking for you for over a year now. It has taken me so long to find you so dont think you will just walk away like that. (!....he surely got my attention this time)
Me: looking mightily puzzled....stares at him
Stalker: You are the love of my life (ha, this guy is serious oh!)
Me: What did you say?
Stalker: I said you are the love of my life. I have searched high and low for you (trips i jus dey look, american wonder!)See, you may not remember this (he puts his hand in his jacket and brings out a photograph of me and shows it to me).
Me: (still staring at american wonder...i am so much in shock i cant even find a name for the psycho standing in front of me..) Where did you get this from??!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stalker: It is from over a year ago. It was a wedding you attended that you were a bridesmaid at. I didnt attend but I saw your picture while one of the photographers put it on display and I just had to have it and you in my life. I bought it and went to the church that the wedding was at for several weeks without seeing you. I asked people there who you were but they said they werent sure. There was another church close by so I started to attend there and later started to ask of you and a lot of people knew you. They told me you were no longer at that branch but at another branch, most people were not so helpful in telling me which branch it was but eventually I found someone who did. (Is this guy for real?) They pointed me towards this branch and after so long I found you
Me:You're joking right..This is a joke.
Stalker: (gets visibly upset) how dare you say I'm joking!! I kiss your picture every night (WHATTT? i seriously couldn't believe what i was hearing) I pray to God that one day we will be together forever, I sleep with your picture under my can you call what I feel for you a joke (he is now angry and is very upset, he is not joking o...ehn...what do I do...psycho...I have watched too many american films o but I was not even close to america..where did they find this one?)
Me: I'm sorry I dont know you and I dont think we can spend a forever together. Your feelings are quite flattering but I am quite busy with a lot of things, I am not looking for a relationship
Stalker: I was made for you. I will wait for you, you're my angel. I dream of you
Me: (now upset and the thought of him lighting candles to my picture and doing 'juju' to it suddenly scared me, I shouldn't wake up one day and start professing love for Mr Psycho!) ehm, I'm sorry but I cant help you out, but I would like my picture back please
Stalker: (raising his voice) NO WAY!!! you are mine, i will make you mine. no one can have you. it has taken me this long to find you. your picture ke? it is mine....(he starts to rant)...
Twix comes and starts to ask what the problem was and I told her...

Twix: all she could say (she looks at him in amazement then retreats.. yep, we both watched those american films together so I guess she knew better went to get help)
Her brother and the security guard of the church now came and started to talk to the guy (more like bullying). They told him not to show his face around the church or me again. I was quite shaken as he wasnt quite normal and I didnt understand the kind of 'love' he had for me, but men, I no like dt kain at all! Meanwhile, I never did collect that picture as he refused to let it go, we offered to pay him all sorts of money but when Twix's brother and the security man started to bully him, he walked away quick, holding onto the picture. I dont think I ever saw him but then I left for England not that long after.
People, esp. in Naija, if someone takes your picture at a wedding, make sure you purchase them all!!!! You dont want no psycho sleeping with it under his pillow!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thanks to God My Father!

Dear Father,

I thank You that some twenty something years ago, I was born.

I thank You that though I was a 6 month old baby born three months premature, hadnt developed my lungs fully and some other organs, and that even though my parents gave up hope sometimes as the stress was too much and i always had one form of complication or another, that You sent my sweet sweet doctor who strongly believed i would survive!!!!!! and survive i did!!!!!!!! I thank you because now I know you intentionally made sure I survived and made everything special about me!

I thank You for the spirit and the soul You put inside the beautiful container i call my body! I thank you because You are teaching me everyday to be a better person. God I thank You for Your creativity in my life! You sure went all out!!!! I didnt make me who I am but You did, so I thank You for all!!!

I thank You because I am not perfect but You are and I thank You for loving me sooooooo much!!! Hi Jesus, I thank You for coming down into this world to become a lowly human to die for my sins and thanks for sending me dearest padi/teacher/counsellor Holy Spirit too...

I thank You for the best gift You have given me this year and that is growth...

I thank You for the family members you surround me with...I thank you for my dear friends, both the ones I know well and the ones I don't know so well..(blog fam)...

I thank You for the hard times I've been through, the bad experiences and the people who have tried to hurt me or take something away from me. It has only made me stronger and much closer to You!!

I thank You for the things You want to do and people You want to touch through my life. I thank You that I know all is not going to be through my strength but by You. Just give me the grace and be with me and I know I will be fine!

Hhmm.. I can go on and on and on, but Lord U see my heart! Cant THANK U ENOUGH!

Lastly, I use this opportunity to pray for every person I know of in this life and everyone reading this, that You will show them the love You have shown me and that they will have their hearts' desires In Jesus Name. Especially for people who want to get married or have children... I pray they will have their dreams that You will give them testimonies better than mine!


i know its a great year already!


Did I say I love You? Yes I Really Do.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Plenti Gist

As I am renowned for my special abilities to jump from one gist to another, brace yourself for a very very all over the place post, but it will all make sense, make you laugh or scare you.... depending on what planet you're from or what sort of medication you refused take today.

So my week has been very eventful o but before i proceed, here's a dedication to my special William! Thank you for getting me through recent bad nites babe! I didnt like the attachment people give to 'your kind' and I wanted to prove that 'your type' couldnt be a source of comfort on those terrible nights but my dear, you came through for me!! I underestimated you! Oh yea, I'm sorry I confined you to the top of my wardrobe. It wont happen again. mwah!

in case you're wondering here is a picture of William * all rights reserved!!

pls pls pls, dont call me an agbaya o. I deprived myself of this comfort all through my teenage years. Every single one I got found its way to the basement/under the bed/bin depending on how much I liked the person giving it...(even William the only one I named found his way to the top of my wardrobe) so i am making up on lost time in my twenties but right now he is somewhere at the foot of my bed waiting to make his descent down under..I'll try to stop it...

Speaking of past 'gifts', (wink wink, here comes the digressions and randomness), People, in all of my two decades + on this planet, I got my very first wrist watch!!!! Hiss, I dont mean I have never had one, but I mean the one I purchased for myself! How amazing is that? After my father stopped buying the barbie wristwatches for me @ the time I got into high school, prospective boyfriends took over, buying me stuff....

Anyway I got my mother a wristwatch for her birthday and I was about to pay when the attendant said 'hey its buy one get one free'. I looked around. Was she talking to me? Well yes she was!
Anyway I guess I didnt technically buy it for was a token with a gift to someone else..I was wondering if i should give her both since it they are rightfully hers????????Hiss, I'm already rawking I still havent bought a wristwatch for myself?Lets see maybe I never will! Lol.

Back to randomness, I was at my church office sometime this week. A man came in while I was seated and started to talk to me. He started to ask questions.Was the office part of a church? I said Yes. Do I attend the church? Yes I do but not the branch we were in. How many branches are there? I dont know o. I looked for a leaflet from the secretaries' office (thinking he is a lost soul searching for the truth) and handed it to him. He studied it. What time were their services? It varies. In my branch what time was it? I yarned him. Ehn ehn, which branch is mine? I pointed it out to him. Can I come visit you there? Oh Men!!!
Is this where he was going? You cant come visit me there now, it is God's house. Ehn, I know, I want to come and worship God with you. Kai, how do I play this one now?
I was lost o. If I say dont come, isnt that me turning someone away from church? Anyway, I asked him where he lived and pointed him to a branch that was near him. He said no he will follow me anywhere I go. Psycho! (Oh my goodness!!! I just remembered my very first stalkerrrrrrr, how could i have, this post is random enough, men next time)
Anyway, I told him he was free to worship anywhere he wanted to as long as He was going to listen to God. So he said he will try to make it for the service. Luckily for me, I told him about the second service, so now, I will be making it for the early services men. My last stalker was a church one too and it was not funnnnnnnnnnyyyyyy.Ha.

Anyway last gist for today. I stepped into this place willingly. No one forced me to go there. I was introduced to her. Not long after, she was hissing and spitting and mumbling and rumbling. I knew something was up. I knew I wasnt in for a good experience. The hisses soon turned to pulling at my hair. My, she pulled my hair. My poor beautiful hair. Still recovering from the shocks of her pulling my hair, she suddenly drenched me with hot water. She drenched me in it. I looked at myself and wondered if she thought it was fair. This sort of treatment. What had I done? I didnt even know and it was all so sudden. Why was i going through this???

I was her customer and she was my hair stylist. (lol, i am trying to imagine where your thoughts have gone. ~Mimi~ don't do fights, sorry to dissapoint y'all) But seriously, I wasnt sure whether to laugh or cry as this woman treated me like I was a chicken she was scalding and skinning. She kept pouring the water on me! Sho, I dey smell??? Abeg I take shower for house o. This giant of a woman on my small self, pouring the water like say them dey pay am to wash me, abeg face the hair now. She was now washing my hair like cloth o! She was like 'your hair is long o, I can wash it like this, took the ends of my hair and started scrubbing as if she was washing her child's doodie off his pants)....Hhhmmm... finally, from my wet, and harrased body came my voice 'if you're not happy to do this, you know someone else can take over right?' ... I covered my eyes for fear that she would pour scalding water into them... lol... but she slowed down (sorry gentle is not a word I will use)..

The hair turned out great... Smelt nice too.. (lol, i have a thing for my hair smelling like fruit, its just sooo cool.. lol)

Anyway, y'all I'm done here for now. Will be back with my remaining gist esp STALKER! Him you have to hear of!