Wednesday, June 20, 2007


As YOU add one more year to your life

God's promises for your life will be added unto you

And his peace will be multiplied unto you in many ways

Sorrow will be taken away

And the praises of your Father in Heaven shall never depart from your mouth

Because of the wonderous things He will do in your life

I love you sister!You are simply amazing!!!



ExcitedJade said...

@ mimi....Thank you sister, for everything u've come to mean to me.

For being such a wonderful darling,

For being yourself;
and above all for being A great woman of God
I love u and i will always do.. just keep on being good, ok?

Nyemoni said...

happy birthday girl.........

Ugo Daniels said...

Aww, that's so nice of you, ms mimi. what am i even sayin, You've always been nice

BlogVille Idols said...

pls go to our page to see if you are still in d running towards becoming blogvilles 1st idol...if u are ur next song as the audience have choosen is any ROCK song of ur choice..pls record it is for the thursday session

9ja Opeke said...

Mimi...I hope you have told ur designer to make a rock outfit? Plz send d pix update o.

I going right now to get my cake at Excited Jade's house...see yah there.