Saturday, August 25, 2007

Falling For London, Falling For Bourne

Hey y'all. How've you been? Well, a lot has been going on with me, ALL positive, thank God! So it's been a bit hard to blog regularly.
Anyway, so what's with my post title, I'm sure you're wondering?

I've been living in the UK for four years plus now and I must say up until a month ago, I guess it never really fully dawned on me that my life was here. I mean I lived here, knew the city, knew the rules and regulations, knew the pattern, but I guess I just didn't want to commit to her.

But here I am now, committing to knowing London and what she has to offer
Her beauty at night is simply breath-takingingly gorgeous
So why haven't I explored it?
She has many things to offer, more than I am taking
So why haven't I been greedy?
I know the weather might be unstable but that only makes her unique..
doesn't it?
From the exorbitant prices to the freebies on the streets of oxford street
From the dull early mornings to the bright city lights
From the beautiful architecture to the tiny and sometimes annoying roads
From the double-decker buses to the famous black cabs
From Madam Tussauds to Harrods
From the london eye to the london aquarium
From the jazz clubs to the free music festivals in the parks
From all the colours of the tube to the places they lead to
I am falling in love with you, all over again...

Then Bourne...

I watched the Bourne movies recently and discovered a few things. First of all, I never really payed attention to Jason Bourne's life story. I mean he was just another typical 'action man' right? Almost everyone was hyped, but then again, I have never gone with the flow, I make my own currents and let them take me where I want...So I was never too bothered whenever the new addition to the Bourne Legacy came out.
Being a fan of experiencing things before I comment on them, I decided to judge for myself if the film was 'all that'. But since I never start things half-way, I had to start from the very beginning..
I had to go back to when Bourne lost his identity and so began my journey with him on finding himself. And boy what a journey that was.

Bourne, after much studying, to me is an ideal man. He is skillful at his vocation, in fact one of the best for that matter, precise and he thinks ahead. He is not only intelligent, but also there is a thread of human emotion to him and he is not afraid to let that out. He is not afraid to show when he is vulnerable and when he is scared and when he is confused to those who are close to him. Because he is simply smart enough to know that this does not emasculate him, it only makes him a human being.

He showed care towards the children and women he met and he just wanted to do the right thing.

Of course he had a past. We all have our pasts, we all have our stories, and he had his. But he was willing to let go of his past to find a peaceable future for himself.
To top it all, he was just a really cool and quiet all in all, Bourne is perfect.

Well almost.

Because no human being is perfect, I looked to find Bourne's flaw, and I found it. There was no element of spirituality to him. And this, for me, is a must.

I know that for me, my 'Bourne' will have this element of spirituality, so obviously, he will lack in other areas.

I am more than willing to accept that, because I know he will be man enough to accept my lacks too.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me-Me + My Darling HouseFly

I am...: loved and cherished!

My current boyfriend is....: soon to be existing :)

Maybe I should....: read tonight?

I love....: the Holy Spirit, I love my parents and my brother, I love cooking, swimming, reading, laughing.. I can go on and on and on...

I don't understand....: some things but I know Someone who will explain anything to me

I lost my....: (can't actually remember anything I have misplaced)

People say I'm...: a lot of things :) depends on how well they know me

Love is....: the most beautiful word I know

Somewhere, someone is....: smiling, just like i am right about now

I will always...: have faith, hope and love

Forever is....: not so far with the right person beside you

I never want to...: do the wrong thing but is that possible?

I think the current President is...:not a president but a Prime Minister? correct me if i'm wrong!

When I wake up in the morning, I....: brush then spend some QT with The Trinity

Life is full of...: Joy

My past is incredibly...: Interesting and breath-taking!

I get annoyed when...: I feel justice hasn't been carried out

Parties are for...: having fun, and hopefully, eating good food

I wish...: nah, I don't wish anymore, I do!

Tomorrow I'm going to...: leave in God's safe hands

I really want some....: more time with my brother before he goes back to nigeria in 2 weeks

I have low tolerance for people who....: ~blank~

If I had a million dollars...: oh you mean, WHEN i have?

He calls me bug, I call him housefly
See we are only but two
5 years apart, but not in the heart
He's the sibling I will always have
I'm the sibling he almost never had
My darling housefly, I'm glad you're around
Albeit its just for 2 weeks..
Its always good to have you around. x

Friday, August 10, 2007

Children of Nowadays and Other Stories...

Story story,


once upon a time

time time...

Hey guys, how are you doing? So lately I don't know why I have been encountering some really 'challenging' situations with children. But before I go on I have a few other things to mention..

So yesterday, my friend and I went to London Bridge and because we had spent the previous days going out, perambulating shops and basically walking about, we were tired, so we sat down on one of those marble/stone benches just beside the london bridge station. Some nice breeze was blowing and well, it was relaxing..

I have this thing for putting my head on the next person to me's shoulder (relax, i dont do it to strangers oh!, i have to know you well well, and your hair has to smell decent).. so i put my head on her shoulder and we were just relaxing oh, both of us comfortable. My hair started to fly because of the wind, so unconsciously, my friend started to push the hair back from my face and her were just gisting and relaxing that way..

That's how it all started... The stares...

At first i thought hhhmmmmmmmm they are scoping fine girls (psych!)

Then i started to see the amused/bemused looks, the weird glances, the coy smiles, the ugly frowns, the eyebrows-raised-what-are-you-doing looks... then it occured to me....

people were questioning two black girls' sexuality!

At first I thought it was just me, then my friend just blurted out, 'MIMI, why are people staring at us?????'

I had to break it to her gently... 'Honey...they think we're lesbians'

So it has now become questionable to have a friend and be comfortable with being in each other's personal spaces?? I found that a bit silly. We both gave loud hisses and just continued relaxing.... the most amusing part were the men was either a look of annoyance or a look of 'hhmm, interesting!'

Anyway that same yesterday, I had an encounter with some two children like this oh. People, I don't understand what it is with me and children nowadays...And funny enough they are always children from my church..

So yesterday evening, I had just finished from choir rehearsals, so I decided to hitch a ride home with one of the couples that lived close to me. They had these two children, a boy and a girl, who always repeat what the other says and at first I found it hilarious, then I found it a bit annoying. So there we were in the car, having grown-up talk, when the kids decided to strike up a conversation with me..

Girl: Aunty, this is the way to our house
Boy: Yes..the way to our house
Mimi: (smiles at the kids) yes it is, your dad is taking us home
Girl: yes, we don't have to sleep on the road, because we have a house and we have our yown room
Boy: Yes, our own room
Mimi: looks quizically at the boy and wonders if he has a vocabulary of his own
Girl: ....and we have a double bed too
I suddenly looked at the boy to see if he would repeat it, but he was quiet. hhmm, i was a bit relieved. Then he just looked at me and said,
Boy: Aunty..?? Do you have a car in your house??
Mimi: yes dear, but it is at home. why do you ask?
Boy: I just want to know why you are following us in our own car.....?
Girl: yesss, why are you following us in our car??
Mimi: (Gosh!! what do they feed these children!!!)
Lol. anyway i got out of that one easy, and even taught the children a thing or two about why it is good to share your car with other people.
Have a great weekend guys! God bless.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Dawn... New Day

Its been a really long minute guys.

What can I say, a lot has happened, but as the title says, its a new dawn and a new day, God is on the throne so...just watch this space.....

So on to my random gists :) yea yea yea, I know you guys missed that! But first, I just need to clarify that Mimi definitely knows that carrots are vegetables! It only skipped her mind for that day! commonnnnn nowwww. LOL! Thank you to all those who dissed me on my last post.

So on to randomness, my specialty... I was at church one day, the service had just finished and I was talking to a man, and there was an aunty - yea you know those acquired aunties - beside us when her son, about the age of six, suddenly ran up to us.
He was crying hysterically. Apparently, he was quite upset with someone. The following scenario got me laughing out loud..

Little boy: Mummy, (baaaaaaaawwwwwwwlll, sooooooobbbb), muuuuummmmmyy
Boy's mum: What is it?
Little boy: its..its... itsssss... (sob sob, gulps air, more sobbing)
Boy's mum: what is it now? what happened?
Little boy: its that boyyyy, mummyy he - soooobb, gulp - collected my.. my...
Boy's mum: hhm, talk jare, me i don't have time for all this air you're drinking
Little boy: (obviously getting really angry now) he, he, ITS THAT BOY! ITS HIS FAULT!

suddenly, the boy turned round and gave the wooden pew next to him a very loud (and i bet painful) kick. it was his mum's reaction to his violence that got me laughing oh.

Little boy: KICKS SO HARD, his leg bounces back!!!
Boy's mum: ehn ehn, is that what you want?
Boy's mum: oya, agaiinnn
Little boy: BANG, BANG!
Boy's mum: one more time, one more time, common
Little boy: BANNNNG! - this one obviously hurt a lot!
Boy's mum: so are you now feeling better? abi you want more? the chair is there oh!don't worry, it won't break..
Little boy: (really mellow now) no i dont want again..
Boy's mum: are you sure? ehn ehn... its ok then. oya go and look for your dad. pele. you yhear?

the boy walks away, quite disappointed he didnt get the attention he wanted. and his mum just turns back to the lady she was talking to and continued as if her son didn't just try to kick his leg off its joint. A couple of people laughed sooo included, though i kinda felt sorry for the boy oh, but boy, it was funny.

I had other gist, but i can't remember it now, so I guess it will wait till next time hey?

Oh yea, my gurl just started blogging so show her some love...100%lighty she calls herself...girl you better send me some dosh so i dont reveal your name :) we go wayyyyyyy back, known her for some good decade plus now.. show her some blogsville lurvvvvv people!

And oh yea, guys who can should really try checking out TERC. its amazingggggg!!!!