Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Blog...My Thoughts

Hey. so i decided to be a good girl and come back a day early :) seee, i keep good my promises, at least on here (have a couple of people who aren't happy with a lot of my decisions lately and you know when you're between a rock and a hard place? and then you have all these people throwing little rocks atchya? lol...its like ALL THESE ROCKS AND HARD STUFFS COMING FROM DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS! lol jokes. anyway one day at a time abi?

wish i wasn't so not-so-anonymous so i could really express the way i feel sometimes on this blog but behold and alas that right has been taken away so..i guess i'll just have to find another outlet isn't it? lol. i'm just rambling.

Well, i just got back from a seminar and it was all about sorting out one's finances and all. it was very exciting and eye-opening. there is so much to do in this world, i almost beat myself on the back on how much time i've wasted at the drawing board drawing up plans and dreams..guess i needed a kick in the backside, that it was about time to start to implement these plans. no one's going to do them for me right?

So what does everyone think about the financial economy right now? how are you guys keeping on top of things? Heard there was a guy who got a job @ Lehman Brothers the week before they crumbled and he went to work on monday and that was the day they fired 5 000 people....SAD! Imagine the emotions that he must have experienced in a week!!!

Anyway, I need to get off blog, look for a new house and a new job :) don't you just love new beginnings??????????????


love y'all