Friday, January 23, 2009

Peaches and Cream

*Read the fine prints*

So I ate peaches and cream today. It tasted nice.

Anyway, I titled my post peaches and cream because that was the last thing I did (or ate) after a long day out today. It was more like a reward to myself. If you eat peaches and cream you will understand why it is a treat. Thing is, I love cream. Anyone ever experienced warm apple pie, with a slosh of cool cream soaking the warm-crusted and gooey-apple-centered pie? Yummmmmm. So today, I decided to try peaches with the same ever-so-lovely cream.

*warning* cream = added weight = more time in the gym* Solomonsydelle be warned!!! LOL (just in case you're wondering re: doritos@gym)

Where was I? yea peaches and why did I reward myself? Because of the following:

I am currently working with a Christian magazine (a very fabulous one even though it is relatively new - I will be giving updates on this as time goes by) and I went to see a lady in charge of sales distribution at a big church and discussed having the magazine as part of their products. Being my first time pitching an idea to an organisation :) it was interesting but like everything God does, :) it went pretty well and the lady ended up praying for me and my future and even went as far as praying that the man I will marry will help bring the gifts on the inside of me out :) :) sweet huh? The good and beneficial sides of doing business with people of like minds ey?

Also, there was this guy who had talked rudely to me on the road one day. No. he wasn't a complete stranger, but no, he wasn't a best friend either. An almost-acquintance. Need definitions? Another post, another day. Anyway, I was rushing somewhere on said-day, and he was trying to catch up with me, but i was in a rush for a meeting. So he went on to tell me, I didn't want to be seen on the road with him and implied I was a snob...I felt very insulted and I let him know just how I felt.....then I started feeling guilty after lol. Because I should have been a bit more patient (?) so anyway I said a prayer to God that He should bring the man my way again so I can apologize (lol), and I saw him today, and I did apologize and was able to invite him to an outreach programme eventually!

Also, just to say thank you to God, a friend gave me a laptop which means I can now access the internet with much ease, as my own laptop had given up on me a while back so had to use desktops for a while. It feels good to be back in the portable world.

Well there were other things that happened today and I was going to blog about them...but honestly it is quite late, I have been doing a lot of editing and my eyes are starting to close...besides I think there is some apple pie and cream somewhere with my name on it....

*told you I was serious about 2009 didn't I?*


Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 2009

First, Happy New Year!!!

First week gone by..what have you achieved so far? :) Don't let the next 51 weeks creep on you!!!

Secondly, I intend to:

a) Blog a bit more this year

b) Stick to this blog template for the whole year!!! LOL....well maybe because it has two words I really love at the bottom in the colour I love too...and it's all done so artistically!

This is more like a moment in time for me. Every post is a snippet of where I am at at the point that it is written so right now;

I am full of Joy...

I am looking forward to the things promised by God this year....

I will work towards the realization of my dreams more this year.....

And I will be telling snippets of them as time goes by :)

I pray for everyone; that you will have a deeper and closer walk with God through Jesus Christ...this is the biggest goal in life.