Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Steps...

Okay so i've got a house :) Step 1.

I'm filling out an application form for a job while I'm typing (yea, call it multi-tasking and no, I am not ambidextrous) Step 2...nah more like 1.5

I've been considering shutting this blog down cos it just isnt the same without me having the freedom to say what i want to say, how I want to, but it's okay I will survive. Lol.

I've done a lot of thinking than dreaming these past few weeks, and half of me is for the better for it, the other half needs to get back to dreaming :) reality doesn't mean one gives up on dreams does it? i guess you never should get too carried away with the skies that you stop your feet from touching the ground :) i guess giraffes have it good huh....feet firmly planted but head in the skies...sigh

I'm almost done with my application form....

But I think I'm done blogging for now :) Love you all!! Thanks for your comments.