Monday, December 29, 2008


I Take Refuge In The Lord.

I Hold Fast To The Way Of The Lord.

I Cleave To Him.

The Crown And Its Title Is Now Mine.

Praise Be To The God Of My Salvation.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

True Lies ~ Alternative Status ~ Old Folks' Tales

Hey guys

How are you preparing for the end of the year? Gone shopping? Making those ridiculous New Year resolutions yet?? Lol, have fun with that!!

Aloted tagged me in the True Lies Meme that is currently going around blogville :) and as much as I love Memes!, I will not participate in this one as part of my New Year's Resolution is to Never Tell Another Lie :) :) :) so I am seizing this opportunity and I am not going to tell a lie even if it comes in the form of a meme; (i love memes - who came up with the word 'Meme'? what does it mean?) You will not be reading no secrets or lies from with it people. ha ha ha ha ha. At least I have a 2-week headstart on my list :)


Alternative Facebook Status

So since I am dedicated to an event on facebook, my status is permanently taken up by Make It Big! Competition, I have missed updating my status on facebook so I decided to 'let out' my feelings on my dear blog :) Lol. It's my blog I will do as I please!!!!!

1. Mimi wants to go home
2. Can't believe how this guy next to me is staring at my PC screen!!!
3. Yayyyyyyyyy! Alexander!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. LOL!! @ Bush :D somehow I feel sorry for him
5. Mimi is dreaming of great xmas food
6. Mimi has had her fill of mince pies!!!!!!!!!!!

I went volunteering at an old people's home recently (hence my status number 7) and it was so much fun sitting around with old folks, hearing their experiences, travel tales and other stories. One woman asked me, 'are you married?' and I smiled and said, 'not yet'. And she said to me 'If you find man good, marry, If man no good, no marry' LOL , sounds like 'DUH woman' but I guess she just felt impelled to pass on this good advice to me and she meant it so I am guessing she has seen her fair share of 'man no good'. I met another man who had travelled the whole world!!!! And he said Japan was the best and most beautiful city :) So I guess that's moved up on my list now.

When my group and I finished after an exciting day, (tried to set up our Wii for them too LOL! but there was no sound so we had to dump the idea but we are going back, even if it's just for the Wii!!!!), my Polish friend said to me, 'when you look at these people, you realize that deadlines and all our busyness in life sometimes don't matter when at the end, what you do is sit with friends, share stories and eat mince pie without worrying about gaining weight, and fall asleep in the middle of a boring story without being called rude!' :) She had a point! Although I will be up and running in my later years though!!! I don't intend to sit around and eat mince pies all day!! Although they taste yummy :) I love Xmas food (well I love food lol) and I am looking forward to lots and lots of good food this Xmas. Sigh.


Monday, December 08, 2008

Make It Big!

Hey guys. check out for a music competition going on for the next 12 weeks starting from Dec 8 2008, looking for a person passionate about music and who intends to make a career for themselves with their TALENT and PASSION.

OSP is the production company behind TY BELLO's Green Land album. Spread the word around and inform anyone you know who is interested and passionate about music. Great Music.

Click on the sidebar links for more details...join the facegroup page! check the youtube videos as they are updated and listen to the music on the myspace page!
I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word on your blog pages too!!! I'll mail sidebar links to anyone interested. Mail me at:

Monday, December 01, 2008

I believe in God

~Note to the LOVER of my total being.....~

I believe in God because no other god has made itself known in the way my Father has to me. He is the Only Perfect being in my life. He is the Only One who sent His Son to die for the sins I was yet to commit.

I believe in God because He hears me when I call and responds to me in the most beautiful ways, ways that even I never comprehend.

I believe in God because He brought me out of darkness into the light. He set me free from every oppression and gave me the same power that Jesus has just because I choose to believe in Him.

I believe in God because even when family and friends forsake me, God is the Closest and the Dearest Support I have. He has never left me alone, even when I ignored His Presence around fact the very first time He introduced Himself to me, He said 'Mimi, I am your Jehovah Shammah. **

I believe in God because He has walked with me in the darkest valleys of my life, experiences I never thought I would overcome...but He was there...always Shammah .**

I believe in God because He has given me the most beautiful experiences and He saw it fit to choose me; to reveal Himself to me....He saw it fit to show me things indescribable...He saw it fit to make me His own and my belief in Him has gotten stronger and stronger with each level of our relationship.

I believe in God because He took destructive relationships away from me and planted me in loving and healthy ones....especially one with Him. He wakes me every morning and talks to me with His beautiful Words...and communicates with me in a language that I sometimes don't understand the words but understand the impact it is having on my soul and spirit.

I believe in God because He has sustained me, through bouts of illnesses and ignorance on his Word regarding them, then finally opening my eyes to the fact that I don't have to suffer any more pain or illnesses and today I testify that I haven't taken a pill in 14 months, not even for a headache because I speak the word to those and not even for 'the monthly visitor' because I have had no pain from her each month since I spoke His Word...I believe in divine health.

I believe in God because He is the most romantic Being I know...He loved me so much that He made preparations for me even before I became His, He gave up the two Closest Associates of His just for me...and He has told me the most beautiful things ever......

I believe in God because He has given me two very special names from Himself apart from the names my parents call me, and I have come to cherish these two names far above any of my names....and one of them is soooooo special that each initial is shared with someone who is very very dear to me...that's how special God made the name just for me....maybe I'll share these names someday....

I believe in God because no one else believes in me like He does.

~...........I love you~

.....feel free to tell us why you believe in God.......

** Jehovah Shammah means The Lord is There (always there...)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

2008; New beginning

On the 4th of November, Barack Obama became the President Elect of the United States of America

I just wanted the record shown on my beloved blog.

Yes You Can.

Follow Your Dream.

Yes You Can.

Fulfil Your Destiny.

Don't Let Nobody Tell You anything different.

The road's a lot easier knowing God and having His Support though. Trust me on that one. Cos you know no matter what, you have the Creator of the Universe backing you up if you had Him in on your plans in the first place. it's a powerful position to be in.

I pray for Obama, that he will use the opportunity he has been given wisely.


I'm great. I love life. And I love the opportunities life has to offer. Love is a great thing to have too. It's nice to have someone to share your dreams and plans with, its nice to watch someone also work on their dreams and watch them succeed

*has anyone seen that cute picture of Michelle and Barack sitting @ a coffee table, it makes me warm inside :), i'll find it and post it up :)


I guess I'm just in the mood for record keeping today :)
Love Life and Live Love
* i was going to gist bout something else today but the write up just decided to go its own way. oh well*

Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Steps...

Okay so i've got a house :) Step 1.

I'm filling out an application form for a job while I'm typing (yea, call it multi-tasking and no, I am not ambidextrous) Step 2...nah more like 1.5

I've been considering shutting this blog down cos it just isnt the same without me having the freedom to say what i want to say, how I want to, but it's okay I will survive. Lol.

I've done a lot of thinking than dreaming these past few weeks, and half of me is for the better for it, the other half needs to get back to dreaming :) reality doesn't mean one gives up on dreams does it? i guess you never should get too carried away with the skies that you stop your feet from touching the ground :) i guess giraffes have it good huh....feet firmly planted but head in the skies...sigh

I'm almost done with my application form....

But I think I'm done blogging for now :) Love you all!! Thanks for your comments.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Blog...My Thoughts

Hey. so i decided to be a good girl and come back a day early :) seee, i keep good my promises, at least on here (have a couple of people who aren't happy with a lot of my decisions lately and you know when you're between a rock and a hard place? and then you have all these people throwing little rocks atchya? lol...its like ALL THESE ROCKS AND HARD STUFFS COMING FROM DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS! lol jokes. anyway one day at a time abi?

wish i wasn't so not-so-anonymous so i could really express the way i feel sometimes on this blog but behold and alas that right has been taken away so..i guess i'll just have to find another outlet isn't it? lol. i'm just rambling.

Well, i just got back from a seminar and it was all about sorting out one's finances and all. it was very exciting and eye-opening. there is so much to do in this world, i almost beat myself on the back on how much time i've wasted at the drawing board drawing up plans and dreams..guess i needed a kick in the backside, that it was about time to start to implement these plans. no one's going to do them for me right?

So what does everyone think about the financial economy right now? how are you guys keeping on top of things? Heard there was a guy who got a job @ Lehman Brothers the week before they crumbled and he went to work on monday and that was the day they fired 5 000 people....SAD! Imagine the emotions that he must have experienced in a week!!!

Anyway, I need to get off blog, look for a new house and a new job :) don't you just love new beginnings??????????????


love y'all


Thursday, August 21, 2008

How Mimi Got Her Groove Back

:) hey y'all

* i need to update*


*Mimi needs to get her groove back*

writing and a host of other stuff.

So I promise to be back blogging properly in 30 days.


Promise. And I will have my groove back by then.


Jeremiah 29v11

Monday, June 09, 2008

One Year on.... Birthdays, Love, Blogville 08!!!!!!

Wow, I simply can't believe it's been a year since last year! LOL that sounds weird but figure it out. I mean, I clearly remember what last year was like and it's been a year already?!!!!! I had my birthday, a whole lot happened last year, and during the past year a whole lot more has happened!!!
But consistent and continuous growth is good...and I love God. and He loves me :) that's about the most stable thing ever!!!!!

So my birthday was on the 3rd but I didn't put up the usual birthday post....maybe I wasn't bothered or maybe I just wanted to do something out of the norm or maybe I was just plain lazy.........I think it was all three :)
It was a very quiet contrast to my mother's 50th!!! I mean my birthday is just two days after hers, but it was like everyone in the family forgot I was even there. Like a day to my birthday my brother said 'hold up, your birthday's like tomorrow right?' i just rolled my eyes. its not their fault. lol. it was all about her. this year. this time. watch out mother!

So I'm still getting used to this blogger thing, so this will be short too :) or maybe i'm just lazy or maybe i have no gist....i think it's all three :)

so i'me leaving you with this....

its back, its fabulous, its entertaining, its fun.....its LIVE (or so we'd like to think)

its BLOGVILLE IDOLS 08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF YOU MISSED LAST YEAR''s another chance to catch the fun....the biting, screaming, singing or trying to, the wowing and booings, the sashayings by yours truly (and if u don't know what that means..gosh! am i sorry for you)....

for more information, click here



Thursday, May 22, 2008

So It's Been Quite A minute.....

Wow...I've been off this thing for so feels foreign...interesting.

I'm sorrrrrrrrry to all those that kept saying update update :( I guess I was really caught up in a lot of things that were happening. God is soooooo good people. Trust me, life without Him is UTTERLY MEANINGLESS!!!!! Find Him, Find Life!! it's that simple.

So I'm back :) This will be quite a short post because it still feels so new to me so I'm still shyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (giggles)

But just before I go, I would like to express my utter disappointment to those who commented on the post below...I mean people....not one of you had the insight that I might not have been talking about *someone* who wasnt a female friend....
and i thot y'all were poets and lyricists and people with minds that could unravel the mysteries of the world of expressions...
okay so second chance..go back to read it and open the eyes of your understanding and enlighten yourself..then get back to me :)


missed you BlogFAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future Jer 29 v 11 *

Saturday, February 02, 2008


It's been three years
I know you
You know me
You're my best friend
I'm your sister
It's been two years
You're coming 'home'
I know you
but have you changed?
I wonder
We only just spoke
Barely 5 minutes ago
You can read me like a book
And my thoughts often sync with yours
Best friends we really are
A fortnight and some left
Heart poundin'
Mind wonderin'
What will it be like when I see you?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year..Year of New Beginnings

Happy New Year Y'all!!!! Get ready for explosive stories this year, though they may not be so frequent :) I will try.

Just want to let you know that Jesus is the TRUE LIVING SON OF GOD and GOD IS A GOD OF LOVE and the HOLY SPIRIT IS THE BEST FRIEND ONE CAN EVER HAVE! there...believe it or not...that is the TRUTH.

God bless you and have a blessed new year!!! Grow closer to God through Jesus, let not your spiritual man suffer!