Sunday, November 09, 2008

2008; New beginning

On the 4th of November, Barack Obama became the President Elect of the United States of America

I just wanted the record shown on my beloved blog.

Yes You Can.

Follow Your Dream.

Yes You Can.

Fulfil Your Destiny.

Don't Let Nobody Tell You anything different.

The road's a lot easier knowing God and having His Support though. Trust me on that one. Cos you know no matter what, you have the Creator of the Universe backing you up if you had Him in on your plans in the first place. it's a powerful position to be in.

I pray for Obama, that he will use the opportunity he has been given wisely.


I'm great. I love life. And I love the opportunities life has to offer. Love is a great thing to have too. It's nice to have someone to share your dreams and plans with, its nice to watch someone also work on their dreams and watch them succeed

*has anyone seen that cute picture of Michelle and Barack sitting @ a coffee table, it makes me warm inside :), i'll find it and post it up :)


I guess I'm just in the mood for record keeping today :)
Love Life and Live Love
* i was going to gist bout something else today but the write up just decided to go its own way. oh well*


Danny Bagucci said...

Agree its a momentous moment for the Black Race.. We need to however keep the expectations realistic. OBAMA has got a battle on his hands and needs all the focus he can muster - the credit crunch, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan et cetc..

Danny Bagucci said...

Hmm didn't realize I was first btw

DiAmOnD hawk said...

it is an exciting time in our Country's history... we Thank God and Amen to the "wise" prayer..

hope you're good chica... have a fantabulous week!

aloted said...

that picture is so cute..

aww i like the special note to your baby ;-)

Buttercup said...

LOL @ the 'voice mail' msg thing..

Amen to ur prayer for Obama. God was def on his side..

Aww the msg to ur baby..sweet! *sighs*

Jaycee said...

Darling....yay u posted! And double yay for Obama! Yes, we can!

Jaycee said...

@ the little note for ur babe...*wink* (giggles)

UnderCover07 said...

...Totally luv the pic of Barack n' Michelle. Its so intimate and so warm n loving. I want to be held lyk that

Nwa Chi said...

The picture makes me think of love.

I hope the Obama excitement has not left you. It should be a constant reminder that "Yes, You Can!"

Concerning your comment on my blog, I always thought God was the first person to cloth Adam and Eve, but verse 7 said they made clothes (coverings) for themselves. In verse 21, God did something better for them. I think God came later?????

Thank you for your comment on my blog.


where are you? Hope all is well.

~Mimi~ said...

@ all thanks for ur comments

@ solomonsydelle...:) yes i am fine thank you :)