Friday, February 06, 2009

New Dawn

Hey all.

I'm typing this post in a hurry. Shuffling between checking my mails that are mounting, sending out over-due mails and wording a conference review in my head...

At the same time, my heart's full of grateful thanks to GOD The Father my JEHOVAH SHAMMAH for being THE TRUTH to me... He never lies...

Never lies. And I am eternally grateful to HIM.

HE made promises to me...

And I can see HIM keeping them one after the other.

Today was blessed and I am grateful for the lives that were touched. All because of the cross.

(lol sounds like coded gist...maybe it is for now. But in the fullness of time, most will be known I guess).

I just wanted the record to be shown on my blog.

E59. Mimi told her story. and HIS.

And it was beautiful.

*i love YOU HS*