Monday, December 08, 2008

Make It Big!

Hey guys. check out for a music competition going on for the next 12 weeks starting from Dec 8 2008, looking for a person passionate about music and who intends to make a career for themselves with their TALENT and PASSION.

OSP is the production company behind TY BELLO's Green Land album. Spread the word around and inform anyone you know who is interested and passionate about music. Great Music.

Click on the sidebar links for more details...join the facegroup page! check the youtube videos as they are updated and listen to the music on the myspace page!
I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word on your blog pages too!!! I'll mail sidebar links to anyone interested. Mail me at:


Writefreak said...

Thanks for the you doing?

Rita said...

Is it only 1 day left for this?

seye said...

I saw your comment on Harry Rami's blog...funnily, his sister's name is MIMI.

Hey do you know Mosa Adegboye?

~Mimi~ said...

@ writefreak, i'm doing great thanks. you?

@ Rita, no the competition is on for another 12 weeks

@ Seye, yes :) i know him. sounds like you do too (?)

Lolia said...

Will look into it...when I leave the library and am assured that my laptop will not burst into song :)

Thanks for the info.

aloted said...
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aloted said...

lol @ seye's question and your answer;o)

thanks for the info Mimi

aloted said...

hi girl..u've been tagged. pls check my blog for more details