Saturday, August 25, 2007

Falling For London, Falling For Bourne

Hey y'all. How've you been? Well, a lot has been going on with me, ALL positive, thank God! So it's been a bit hard to blog regularly.
Anyway, so what's with my post title, I'm sure you're wondering?

I've been living in the UK for four years plus now and I must say up until a month ago, I guess it never really fully dawned on me that my life was here. I mean I lived here, knew the city, knew the rules and regulations, knew the pattern, but I guess I just didn't want to commit to her.

But here I am now, committing to knowing London and what she has to offer
Her beauty at night is simply breath-takingingly gorgeous
So why haven't I explored it?
She has many things to offer, more than I am taking
So why haven't I been greedy?
I know the weather might be unstable but that only makes her unique..
doesn't it?
From the exorbitant prices to the freebies on the streets of oxford street
From the dull early mornings to the bright city lights
From the beautiful architecture to the tiny and sometimes annoying roads
From the double-decker buses to the famous black cabs
From Madam Tussauds to Harrods
From the london eye to the london aquarium
From the jazz clubs to the free music festivals in the parks
From all the colours of the tube to the places they lead to
I am falling in love with you, all over again...

Then Bourne...

I watched the Bourne movies recently and discovered a few things. First of all, I never really payed attention to Jason Bourne's life story. I mean he was just another typical 'action man' right? Almost everyone was hyped, but then again, I have never gone with the flow, I make my own currents and let them take me where I want...So I was never too bothered whenever the new addition to the Bourne Legacy came out.
Being a fan of experiencing things before I comment on them, I decided to judge for myself if the film was 'all that'. But since I never start things half-way, I had to start from the very beginning..
I had to go back to when Bourne lost his identity and so began my journey with him on finding himself. And boy what a journey that was.

Bourne, after much studying, to me is an ideal man. He is skillful at his vocation, in fact one of the best for that matter, precise and he thinks ahead. He is not only intelligent, but also there is a thread of human emotion to him and he is not afraid to let that out. He is not afraid to show when he is vulnerable and when he is scared and when he is confused to those who are close to him. Because he is simply smart enough to know that this does not emasculate him, it only makes him a human being.

He showed care towards the children and women he met and he just wanted to do the right thing.

Of course he had a past. We all have our pasts, we all have our stories, and he had his. But he was willing to let go of his past to find a peaceable future for himself.
To top it all, he was just a really cool and quiet all in all, Bourne is perfect.

Well almost.

Because no human being is perfect, I looked to find Bourne's flaw, and I found it. There was no element of spirituality to him. And this, for me, is a must.

I know that for me, my 'Bourne' will have this element of spirituality, so obviously, he will lack in other areas.

I am more than willing to accept that, because I know he will be man enough to accept my lacks too.



cinnamonqueen said...

Yippeee! I am first!

cinnamonqueen said...

ok now that's out of the way, back to your post. I so totally agree with you on London... Now that I am in MK and only get to see London once in a while, I can see it through the eyes of someone who doesn't have to put up with day-to-day annoyances... And I also wonder why I have not so far been greedy to take all she has to offer.

Ugo Daniels said...

Except central london and some highbrow suburbs, i tend to disagree london is all that. Yea, it's cool and all BUT has the worst weather in the history of 'existence' and i can't stand that, see :)

Nyemoni said...

NYEMONI was here...

The Bourne series were a blast!


Uzo said...

MIMI>.....Did you just assess a killer/assassin/work of fiction as a potentuial mate except for the spirituality bit? Girl....You crack me up...LOL...

Its funny...When i lived in london, i forgot to do all the touristy things and now i wish i had. Same thing when i lived in Atlanta and Chicago...Spent so much time buzzing, that i forgot to really appreciate these amazing cities....If i could do it over.....

Naija Vixen said...

Loved your dissection of the books too...loads of things the films couldnt depict...LDN is great at night,the view is just incredible

Rinsola said...

awww... i donnow why, but i love the double decker busses there. What else do i love? hmn.....I think i love my Chicago better.

Anonymous said...

beeeeeeep ko!beeper ni!hey girl just popping in to say

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i love Bourne too... :-)

classybabe said...

Still haven't watched the latest bourne and i love Matt Damon/Jason Bourne.I should do that soon

aloted said...

Omo, london reminds me of LAGOS...which i hate so The irony of the matter is I am moving to London (from Manchester) this weekend :(( Na work cause am!

Yet to see the last chapter of Bourne...i like ur analysis though

Jaycee said...

awww...mimi, I loved ur synopsis of Bourne, and ur philosophy of ur own "mr Bourne"

I love exploring cities (I have a few get-away spots I created just for when I read about how u're abt to let go and get free in London, somn popped inside me...lollll...


ExcitedJade said...

sister, i miss u loads.... am back oh.. visit my blog, ok?

Spicy said...

Hey Mimi...Nice blog...I'll have to agree with Jaycee..lovely synopsis. I'll surely be stalking your blog.

akin said...

Funny you mentioned Bourne. Just came back from the movies from watching Bourne, and just thinking thinking about the abbreviations of all these action heroes: James Bond, Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne (See an emerging pattern?)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Will def be coming back again!

Ugo Daniels said...

hi babes, how was ur weekend. One!!

laspapi said...

Idol, I love your acceptance of that city called london. I went to the War Memorial/Museum? at London Bridge once. The memories will stay with me forever. I love places with history and it has it in abundance, things that hit you as you walk on quiet have to enter the hinterland in Nigeria to find that. But even with a mother, 2 brothers and 2 sisters permnently resident where you are, I like this city called Lagos, particularly because (I speak metaphorically) I can accelerate here, no speed bumps.

Jason Bourne- I like Matt Damon and think I know what you mean. I would have liked him as a brother. I think he gave Bourne that extra human element. It might have been a bit difficult with Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.