Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me-Me + My Darling HouseFly

I am...: loved and cherished!

My current boyfriend is....: soon to be existing :)

Maybe I should....: read tonight?

I love....: the Holy Spirit, I love my parents and my brother, I love cooking, swimming, reading, laughing.. I can go on and on and on...

I don't understand....: some things but I know Someone who will explain anything to me

I lost my....: (can't actually remember anything I have misplaced)

People say I'm...: a lot of things :) depends on how well they know me

Love is....: the most beautiful word I know

Somewhere, someone is....: smiling, just like i am right about now

I will always...: have faith, hope and love

Forever is....: not so far with the right person beside you

I never want to...: do the wrong thing but is that possible?

I think the current President is...:not a president but a Prime Minister? correct me if i'm wrong!

When I wake up in the morning, I....: brush then spend some QT with The Trinity

Life is full of...: Joy

My past is incredibly...: Interesting and breath-taking!

I get annoyed when...: I feel justice hasn't been carried out

Parties are for...: having fun, and hopefully, eating good food

I wish...: nah, I don't wish anymore, I do!

Tomorrow I'm going to...: leave in God's safe hands

I really want some....: more time with my brother before he goes back to nigeria in 2 weeks

I have low tolerance for people who....: ~blank~

If I had a million dollars...: oh you mean, WHEN i have?

He calls me bug, I call him housefly
See we are only but two
5 years apart, but not in the heart
He's the sibling I will always have
I'm the sibling he almost never had
My darling housefly, I'm glad you're around
Albeit its just for 2 weeks..
Its always good to have you around. x


Miss Opeke said...


Miss Opeke said...

I don catch am...In ur face Sparkle lol
first position...

Winner o-o-o! Winner!
Winner o-o-o! Winner! Miss Opeke don chance Sparkle, Winner...patapata I go live to chance again o...winner!!!

d nomba u r tryin' to call totally out of service...pls call back later
Ok, let me go and relax & read post nooooow!!! Opeke Out!!!

Miss Opeke said...

I Loooooove your new Template...!!!

Rinsola said...

Hope u'r having fun with ur housefly around? Have a great week.

Sparkle said...

LMAO! Opeke...e no funny at all becos I go sleep for just 2 hrs u con dey shine here...e no funny rara o
mehn! son of man must to dey sleep with one eye open now abi

oshisko!!!...nonsense and ingredient!!!

nice post MIMI...been a while since I checkd ur blog

Opeke I dey vex come back sef


Nice post Mimi - I should visit your blog more often.

Uzo said...

Oh shicks..A meme i have already done...SOmeone should please get a new meme out.

Your sibling is housefly? LOL

Ugo Daniels said...

Hey Mimi, howdy?

Miss Opeke said...

“Even if everything changes around you, God's Love is changeless..."

Have a Blessed weekend...

Naija Vixen said... ode to your loving!!! Your answers were true,im serious...;-)

londonnaijachic said...


Queen of My Castle said...

I couldn't agree more with you on the love and forever bit, and QT with The Trinity is the best time spent. Have a wonderful week!

Naija Vixen said...

Cough, must be time to update???

Naija Vixen said...
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laspapi said...

I like this. Just finding this kind of relationship with my brothers again.

Nyemoni said...

awwwww, how sweet! Thank God I have 4 of em brothers!!! I like the meme ~mimi~ lol! Especially the last part RE: oh you mean WHEN I have? Cute!

cinnamonqueen said...

If? When you have a million dollars. I wish? I don't wish anymore, I do. So so absolutely inspiring!