Friday, August 10, 2007

Children of Nowadays and Other Stories...

Story story,


once upon a time

time time...

Hey guys, how are you doing? So lately I don't know why I have been encountering some really 'challenging' situations with children. But before I go on I have a few other things to mention..

So yesterday, my friend and I went to London Bridge and because we had spent the previous days going out, perambulating shops and basically walking about, we were tired, so we sat down on one of those marble/stone benches just beside the london bridge station. Some nice breeze was blowing and well, it was relaxing..

I have this thing for putting my head on the next person to me's shoulder (relax, i dont do it to strangers oh!, i have to know you well well, and your hair has to smell decent).. so i put my head on her shoulder and we were just relaxing oh, both of us comfortable. My hair started to fly because of the wind, so unconsciously, my friend started to push the hair back from my face and her were just gisting and relaxing that way..

That's how it all started... The stares...

At first i thought hhhmmmmmmmm they are scoping fine girls (psych!)

Then i started to see the amused/bemused looks, the weird glances, the coy smiles, the ugly frowns, the eyebrows-raised-what-are-you-doing looks... then it occured to me....

people were questioning two black girls' sexuality!

At first I thought it was just me, then my friend just blurted out, 'MIMI, why are people staring at us?????'

I had to break it to her gently... 'Honey...they think we're lesbians'

So it has now become questionable to have a friend and be comfortable with being in each other's personal spaces?? I found that a bit silly. We both gave loud hisses and just continued relaxing.... the most amusing part were the men was either a look of annoyance or a look of 'hhmm, interesting!'

Anyway that same yesterday, I had an encounter with some two children like this oh. People, I don't understand what it is with me and children nowadays...And funny enough they are always children from my church..

So yesterday evening, I had just finished from choir rehearsals, so I decided to hitch a ride home with one of the couples that lived close to me. They had these two children, a boy and a girl, who always repeat what the other says and at first I found it hilarious, then I found it a bit annoying. So there we were in the car, having grown-up talk, when the kids decided to strike up a conversation with me..

Girl: Aunty, this is the way to our house
Boy: Yes..the way to our house
Mimi: (smiles at the kids) yes it is, your dad is taking us home
Girl: yes, we don't have to sleep on the road, because we have a house and we have our yown room
Boy: Yes, our own room
Mimi: looks quizically at the boy and wonders if he has a vocabulary of his own
Girl: ....and we have a double bed too
I suddenly looked at the boy to see if he would repeat it, but he was quiet. hhmm, i was a bit relieved. Then he just looked at me and said,
Boy: Aunty..?? Do you have a car in your house??
Mimi: yes dear, but it is at home. why do you ask?
Boy: I just want to know why you are following us in our own car.....?
Girl: yesss, why are you following us in our car??
Mimi: (Gosh!! what do they feed these children!!!)
Lol. anyway i got out of that one easy, and even taught the children a thing or two about why it is good to share your car with other people.
Have a great weekend guys! God bless.


aloted said...

Don't tell me I am first? Am I? Lol..I think so...Yippe!

Nawa o...i agree with u...i don't see why i shldnt be able to hang with my girlfriends without fear of being labelled as a lesbian...Btw O ga fun awon lesbians. God forbid bad thing!!!

Men...children of nowadays can yarn dust! lol...I can just imagine what I would have told those kids...hehehehe

Have a nice weekend!

excitedjade said...

hehehehe....very funyy, sister me, av missed u no b small matter.

how r u sha?

classybabe said...

Lol!I just love the way kids are,they can say the most unexpected things which can make you say "if i catch you ehn" or "Aww"
In Naija i never used to think twice about hugging my friend or putting my hand around her shoulder but now when i do it i wonder if people think i might be a lesbian

Calabar Gal said...

LOL! You guys should have given each other a kiss to amuse or annoy your spectattors. LOL!!

Those inquisitive kids are all over the place. Only God knows the composition of the genes he gives them these days. We werent that inquisitive when we were kids .... or were we? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

yes!why are u following them in their own car..ehn..aunty mimi...

Lol at u pple thinking u were lesbo's

Naija Vixen said...

Lol! You picked the wrong place oh...London Bridge is wrong for anything...! Those kids are funny oh...!!!

30+ said...

The cheeky monkeys those kids can ask anything o.

chidi said...

hey! how u doing? nice to read ur blog again!!

Nyemoni said...

Hahahaha! Kids are so brash! lol! lol! lol!

Andy said...

It just shows how low we have gone in terms of societal morality...this crazy world.
And as for today's kids, they have become so sharp-mouthed it leaves me shocked everytime.

Ugo Daniels said...

Damn those kids..LOL! Well, these days, anything and everything goes, weirder things has happened

Uzo said...

Wow....No more coziness with your friends now? LOL

IJEOMA said...

abeg... i hold my friends hands in public..i will not change myself to counter people's perverse thoughts.. nonsense

Vickii said...

Lol, the guys were definitely staring out of interest!

I love children but while I can find them endlessly fascinating, I also think they can be very annoying! Is it just me that thinks this?

wienna said...

buahaaaaa....u're so funny. Love your posts. D lesbian thing is too funny.