Monday, September 03, 2007

Random Gists + Foot In Mouth Again

Hey y'all. Hope you had fab weekends..

Anyway, I managed to do it again. Yes people. I, Mimi, after countless encounters with the sharp-mouthed children, still somehow managed to put my foot in my mouth again! This occured yesterday..I was waiting to go to a lady's house after church, then I saw this really sweet girl who was staring at me. I remembered how I probably used to stare at older 'aunties' in church when I was younger too, so I smiled back at her and struck a conversation. We were talking about her school and what she liked and didn't like. Then I asked her what she wanted to be when she got older.

L'il girl: I want to be a doctor

Mimi: Oh really, that's a big career hun!

L'il girl: Uh Uh.. I want to make lots of money!

Mimi: Well is that the only reason you want to be a doctor?

L'il girl: (pauses for a second and I was almost sure she would say yea! lol) I also want to make people get better..

Mimi: Yea, but you know it's a lot of hard-work right? Becoming a doctor.

L'il girl: Yea, i know. (she sighed) Have you been to a hospital aunty?

Mimi: Yea. I used to work in one, in fact.

L'il girl: Oh really??!!!

Mimi: Uh uh..

L'il girl: And you, like, saw the doctors make them get better?

Mimi: Yea, and I helped the doctors too.

L'il girl: Wow! How?

Mimi: In different ways hun, giving the patients their drugs...

L'il girl: (eyes bulging) Drugs????????????????????

Yea, don't even front, because I know a lot of you still mix that ish up. It was so much fun when I started work at the hospital as a HCA (grade 1 nurse), getting the patients to take their prescribed pills and tablets. Even some of them got confused with pills, they would tell you 'I'm not on any contraceptive pills' and when you said drugs, they'd just look at you like 'HUH?' Funny thing is that, all the nurses still refer to the tablet-giving hours as 'drug rounds'. Anyway I see this 'foot in mouth' thing becoming a series..

I recently found a new passion; flowers. Learning about them, buying them (for myself, selfish? no I don't think so). I don't know, flowers are sooo are so pretty! Here are the carnations i bought from M&S over the weekend.

So while shopping for them, this guy walks up to me and says 'are those for me?' I gave him this really weird look like, Commonnnnnn. then he said 'at least can i get them for you?' I was thinking, how long did it take you to think that? Lol.

So thinking of pick up lines...why oh why, do grown up 'hoodies' exist? i mean i understand if it is a teenage phase, but then you're a grown-up man and you're still rocking the whole 'hoody' outfit...I guess it's a culture I just won't get. Anyway that's not why I'm ranting, the reason I am ranting is because I was waiting at a stop recently one of them approached me and started talking about getting a number. I mean why do they think you can just walk up to a random stranger on a street and get their mobile phone number? Apparently that's what the 'young uns' do. Anyway he said something interesting to me, 'I do your religion, innit so can I have your number?'

Hhmm.. I thought for a split second, then realized he was refering to my pashmina which I had wrapped around my shoulders (to keep warm)...I had to smile there. It was funny. So he thought I was muslim because I had a pashmina..and I thought he was an old 'yob', (well he probably was lol)

I guess appearances count for a lot right? YEA!


fola said...

kids are too funny

100%Lighty said...

i do ur religion. ummm. lol! wow!!!! wot a line.

hey 'M' please sort out ur reception jo. wetin do u? or i just might leave that message 4 real.

u know wot i am talking about.

Anonymous said...

yea they do count......... a lot actually. That was one funny line, lol.

My Friend was feeling ill, so i asked if she had taken any 'drugs' for it, and she was like 'whatttttt, i dont do them please', evry1 around us burst into laughter, including me. Apparently pple in the uk, especially whites dont say it that way....i think.
I'm still used to it though.......naija thing. :)
How hav u been?

Uzo said...

I do your religion? Weird that one...Shouldnt it be i practice your religion or something? I love flowers and i used to buy a fresh bunch for myself everytime i went to the store...

laspapi said...

Culture shock would probably kill me if I had to live extensively in England.(Tried it once).

"Abeg, neighbour, lend me salt, abi you get matches?", "Electric Company don cut my light, can I pull wire from ya flat?", "Conductor, I no hold money..."

Drugs? Pills? Medication?

I nearly got run down in Croydon once, by a bus coming down the wrong way (as far as I was concerned), being used to Naija traffic.

But don't laugh at me yet. My Uncle who's been living in England before I was born, wrestled me for the steering-wheel of my car too, on the streets of Lagos. He thought I was going the wrong way, till he regained his senses.

It's interesting that no one catches your eye on the tube or bus, minding their businesses.

I love my ~idol~, always enjoy myself on your blog.

Miss Opeke said...

This is what I miss about you...Your Random gist.
You just have a way of telling it...How have you been doing? I hope all's going gr8 with you?
Take Kia...

Temi said...

LOL I like how you wrote that. very funny!

Manda said...

n manda says.. Nice blog! I try to change da drug word to medication after my auntie warned me about always using DRUGS in sentences. Lol @ laspapi's naija jokes.

laspapi said...

ok, is there something I'm not getting here?