Friday, July 06, 2007


Why him? I hear you ask. Well God made Adam first. Whether you like it or not, God made the man first. So therefore, henceforth and thereby, WE SHALL START WITH MAN.

Man, man, man. Oh Man. Lord give me wisdom to put these words together.

I feel sorry sometimes for men in this generation. Women sometimes do not know what they want. Is it the Alpha-male or the Metrosexual male? You don't know what a metrosexual male is? A metrosexual male is a man that is comfortable with getting manicures and pedicures and all the works. Well you get my drift. Alpha male? Well, picture Arnie / Rambo / Bruce Willis in Die Hard / Tarzan. Can you imagine Arnie saying .... I'll BE BACK! but first I got to get my hair did, girll i got split ends! Me thinks not!

A woman will say why are you opening the door for me, do I look like I dont have my own hands, swish her hair in his face and give a loud hiss to elaborate just how independent she is, then a few weeks later, she is whining that the man doesn't listen, the man doesn't care.. Well Woman, the man tried to show you he cared sometime ago but you told him you could handle your biznez, so he let you be!
Women are sooooooooooo confused but the men are even moreeee confused. I'm sure they must think a lot, WHAT DOES SHE WANT FROM ME???!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!
Is she Independent? noo, she has to be dependent right? Is she SEMI-independent??? NOoooooo I DONT KNOW WHAT SHE IS!

Well that's just because the signals have all been mixed-up. A man doesnt know if he is to stand when a woman walks into the room (which I think is absolutely cute and respectful!) or just completely ignore her while she grabs her seat and orders her beer too! (i dont drink alcohol oh, just making a point). Anyway now isnt the time to define a woman, I am only trying to let you into the dilemma some men often find themselves in.

A lot of people might not be happy with this post but I still am talking from a Christian perspective because that is how I am, a being in Christ, so I can only see things from God's perspective.

The Male was created first.The male had the first relationship with God. He was the first to view the beautiful Eden, to see God's creation.

Secondly, God put him in the garden to tend to it (Gen 2:15). What does this sound like? It is work oh. Man, it is work. You hear me? Not yahoo-yahoo oh, not sit-on-your-behind-live-on-benefits-from-the-government, IT IS WORK.
Think about this for a second, God gave the man work before he gave him woman. WOW! For me that is quite personal, but I will not digress in this post, I will follow an order. I will elaborate on this point later.

Thirdly, God gave him the instruction on what to do and not to do. (Gen 2 : 16 & 17). The man received the instruction from God and He must have passed it along to Eve when she came to be. God instructed him that 'they musn't eat from the tree of good and evil'. Please note what Eve said in Gen 3:3 You shall not eat it, or touch it'. Someone must have added their own, I don't know if it is Adam or Eve, because God did not say don't touch. Anyway, God gave Adam the instruction. People are fast to blame Eve for the fall of man, but they forget that the man received the instruction, and he wasn't forced to eat the fruit with her.

God made man in the form that he is for specific reasons. If you see the physical shape of an average man, it differs to the physical shape of an average woman. The man is stronger than the woman physically. You might say, oh mimi, what of those women who are professional builders? well here's an answer for you, what body shape do these women's body take after a while?? Huh? I can't hear you? What happens to their breasts? They become non-existent. They begin to walk like men etc.

Everything about a man shows that he is a giver/provider. His hands were made to till the ground (work, not necessarily become a gardner). Let's go a bit deeper into this. I will get graphic so all under 18s are hereby to stop reading from here! (kidding). A man's sexual organ is on the outside while a woman is on the inside right? The man gives of himself, and the woman receives him. The man gives his seed, and the woman receives his seed into her womb.

Ok let me go a bit further here. a woman and a woman do not have the physical requirements to procreate, neither does a man with a man. It isn't possible. A man has no womb, a woman has no sperm. For creation to continue, the man needs to give his sperm and the woman receive the sperm into her body so it can grow in her womb. No matter what way it is done, insemination etc.

See back in the days when the world wasn't so westernized, there were no arguments as to who did what. Biology took care of that. The men went out to hunt and look for food for the family, the women stayed home and birthed children, took care of the house and did the homely activities like cook, clean. Imagine your husband saying 'Jane. Tarzan go to work. Tarzan not know when he come back'. When the man does come back, his wife will be grateful that he is back safe and alive and with food to eat and that a bear did not tear him up, not asking him, you didnt pick up my call. There were simply no complications.
The roles were defined. here let me just say I am not saying women should stay home. Like you'd even listen to me if i did. But I am saying let's not forget that time may change, but God is the same yesterday until tomorrow. His Word hasn't changed and it will not. Just as He created man and woman, He made them with different purposes and reasons.

The man is a protector. If a woman was getting a beating, and maybe her brother or husband or father was just standing by, watching or yawning, won't you think there is something wrong with that man?
Why are men so territorial? MY car, MY aeroplane (as a child lol), MY wife, MY girl, MY team.. Why do women often say ' i am not your possession oh', because the man often tends to treat her like he possessed her. And that is just the way he is built. To own, to mark his territory. With ownership comes responsibility. So if you say MY WIFE, well, you're responsible for her. You just don't say 'MY' and expect her to be a doormat. A man is supposed to protect a woman's honour and not discredit it. When we see people raping babies that are as young as 2 years of age, one begins to wonder, is there no more reason/logic/moral/love/ i dont know the word anymore in this society?

I will continue on the man in a later post. This looks like it will take a while.



catwalq said...

i do not agree...with your definition of man
ans I will not tell u why because u have just said that u r coming from a religious perspective and I am not about to get into an arguement as u try to defend ur beliefs

Favoured Girl said...

I agree with most of what you have said. It is true that God created man first, for a reason. God instilled certain things into man - physical strength, role of provider, instinct to protect his possessions and territory etc. The source of confusion nowadays stems from man's abuse and misuse of his strength and position. Women have been oppressed and repressed, bought and sold as goods over the centuries. So they have had to fight for themselves and therein comes the modern feminism. I agree that God's design from the start was for man and woman to have complementary roles - none better than the other. Modern gender confusion stems from the fact that we have started competing with each other.
I'll wait to read the continuation of this post. Stay blessed sweetie.

laspapi said...

Nice write-up, looking forward to the man bit...

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

nice write up...
submission is the key to a happy marriage/relationship....

man is the HEAD.... woman the NECK

like this book ....
'the power and purpose of love and marriage' myles munroe

B! said...

You are my clone, abi na my sister from anoda moda!

I could write a book on this topic, so I will not even bother to say more.

Men - provider and protector
Women - nurturer and carer.

Once you mix up the role, you are calling for wahala.

Refinedone said...

Miss Mimi,

Keep doing what your doing...expect alot of ppl not to agree with you...

Just know truth is truth!

as b! said...once the roles are mixed up...the rest is all the confusion we are seeing now adays...

diary of a G said...

wow mimi, you got something interesting going on here
I like
I'll be back
diary of a g was here

IJEOMA said...

as a feminist.. i do not agree at all with your perception of "man". However you are very much entitled to your opinion and i enjoyed reading it.. take care girl

Spicy said...