Saturday, December 08, 2007

Lighty's Day

As you, my darling, celebrate your day today
All your heart desires, in His Will, shall be yours

I have known you for a pretty pretty long time
And all I can see when I look at you is a beautiful person

Your friendship is dear to me, my darling
Because I see you
And I see all the beauty that God has placed inside of you

My prayer and heart desire for you
Is that God's love will dwell richly in your heart
So that all the beautiful plans He has for you
Will come to pass

Rest yourself in Him darling
Smile, give me that beautiful smile :)
Because today, is your SPECIAL DAY.


Everyone please, kindly go over to Lighty's page to tell her how beautiful she is and how sweet and precious she is. She really just go there now!!!!!!!! Oh and for your gentle obedience, there are all sorts of beautiful varieties for you to eat and drink....It's celebration time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tayo said...

I'm just seeing this, hope I'm not too late ... I'll go visit Lighty's blog now.

Uzo said... sweet of you...Happy Birthday Lighty

30+ said...

Chai, I don't believe that gurl she did not let us know now.

I am over to her blog straight away. You are a lovely friend.