Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flashback: Teachers

Hi guys. It's been a while. Sorry for the late update. Been extra busy trying to sort a lot of things out, moved from london back to the north, which I wasnt planning on doing, but well, I'm :) good.

When I've been away for long I always come back with random stories, don't know why but anyway I'll start with a funny thing that caught my eye. I was watching Eragon and well, it was just another Lord of The Rings typa film. It got to a part where they were going to war and the hero turned to the heroine, gave her a dashing smile and said 'You look.... fit for war' (insert cheesy smile) and I'm like COMMON!!!! this girl has got a golden feather in her hair. Her hair is rolled into a perfect bun with lovely designs that I can't even get into my hair with hours of work by myself. Are you telling me that something that looks demonic with his army that even look more demonic than him are coming after my town and friends, and I will still have time to put gel in my hair...and a gold feather???!!!!

On to Freedom Writers. I' m one of those people that see some films like a year after they have been released, unless it is a film I have been waiting ages for like RATATOUILLE which is FINALLY HERE (though I havent seen it yet lol)
I saw 'Freedom Writers' recently on my laptop and I was basically sobbing for a quarter of the film. This amazing, naive but nevertheless amazing teacher changed a couple of kids' lives. Well you all know the story, a couple of washed out kids (the jerk, the violent, the quiet one, the girl who is a tomboy, the half good but nearly going bad guy, the guy who swears incessantly etc) get an amazing teacher who changes their life for good! It is a great film.

..BUT it got me thinking (oh oh know)

Why don't I ever get to be in one of those SUPER AMAZING LIFE CHANGING CLASSES??? Why is it that my lecturer who teaches me stats isn't a woman who screams at us everyday 'YOU'RE ALL HEROES' or who buys us new books with her own salary or who gives us glasses of champagne at the start of a new semester to toast to a new year??? Why do I have to have the frumpy doctor who expects me to understand her while she's mumbling to herself while lecturing?

Ok, to be fair, I've had what, two amazing teachers in my lifetime. The first wasn't so much of a teacher, she was my primary school headmistress. This woman had a big role in shaping the kind of person I am today. She taught me love because she simply reeked of love! She taught me as a mother, a friend, an aunt, an educator. She would call me to her office ever so often and we would talk then she would pray for me. I will always remember her all my life.

The second teacher was my english literature teacher in high school. English lit was my favourite class in high school. She taught me that language was powerful. She taught me to tear down words and build them up. She taught me the beauty called poetry. She made Tess of the D'Ubervilles come to life, she made Othello seem so much more tragic and she made Romeo and Juliet much more about love lost. She also taught me a phrase I can never forget and I have seen come to life so many times in my life, I can still see her 5'2 self telling us 'More Haste, Less Speed'.

My english teacher was a different case!!!!! Gosh, if I didn't have an original love for english, I would have failed because of this woman. Yes, even in an english-speaking country. She hated my guts!!!! Rumour had it she had a particular girl she always picked on in each class. Unfortunately for me, it was me representing my class.

There was a day we had a test and I got 19 out of 20. There I was thinking, Yay, I've got this out of the way for this half of the semester. She sat at her table, with her spectacles down her nose, and her big eyes staring at all of us. I presented my mark proudly to her with a 'you can't touch me' attitude. She first put the 19 down after making some comments, then she looked at me and said 'why are you looking at me like that?' I knew immediately there was trouble. What did I do now? I was merely breathing!!! She continued 'I don't like your eyes, you're looking at me funny, you want to initiate me into your circle of witches eh? God will not allow you. Infact, I am going to rub the 1 off the front of your mark' I just opened my mouth in amazement as she scratched the 1 off with her red pen and left the 9.
9 out of 20 in english?!!! Could she do that???? I couldn't think!!!! I got 9 men. For that term, I got 9. Still cannot forget.

Then there was the day, she took the whole class to the school football field and told us to all kneel down. Imagine oh, we always considered ourselves posh kids (lol razz children) and there we all were on the grass. After she abused all our mothers and fathers, she then turned to me and said, 'You this girl you're a witch. I can see you looking at me, why are you looking at me? stupid girl. you're just a bimbo. you think you're all grown up abi? you think you're now beautiful that all the boys are chasing you? shaking your yansh up and down the whole school'

The slim kid I was almost shouted at her 'I DONT EVEN HAVE A YANSH' lol
She proceeded to tell the whole class to stand up, that I would suffer for everyone instead, and there I was, on the grass, looking off into a far direction, and wishing upon a star, that this woman would just be swallowed by the ground. Didn't happen. She bullied other girls in other classes and, we the victims, always got together and talked about our ordeals. Most girls cried each time because she was just mean, but I made sure I didn't cry for her. She made me kneel down so many times in that school year, it was too embarassing. I mean this is a school where you don't get punished unless you beat up a teacher or something, and there I was, kneeling in front of the class in every english class.

One day, the girl who sat in the row next to me was asking me a question and she told me to kneel down for allowing her to ask me the question!!!! Needless to say the girl didnt get punished.
The day I broke down was when she told me to kneel down, then told a boy to rub off the chalk on the board, and the chalk dust was falling on me. Fair enough she wanting me to look like a ghost, but I react to chalk dust and get a bout of asthma. My classmates told her, and she said 'so what? if she gets ill we have a sick bay'. I just smiled. When she left the class, I just broke down and started crying and shouting, 'it's not fair. why is she picking on me. Why!' lol.
The whole class was so sad for me, boys even started talking about organizing a beating for her (LAWL), but men I didnt send being a babe oh, I was just crying like a baby. I guess the frustration had reached its peak. I can't forget her anyway. I try to find a good side, like, maybe she was just trying to instill discipline in me, but HECK NO, she was JUST MEAN.

Needless to say, if i decide to become a lecturer, I will be the type who will shout 'YOU ARE ALL HEROES ' to my students, maybe a trip to the bahamas for everyone to analyze the relationship between relaxed environment and emotions....Sweets anyone? :)



Anonymous said...

wat a meanie..there was a teacher im my high school who did the same to me all d time!

laspapi said...

wb, mimi. And that teacher wasn't mean, she was evil. We've all met people like that. You've given me an idea for my next post.

Moved to the north of england? That came out of the blue. Hope you're well. You'll be more regular now?

Lighty said...

it always is english teachers shea? crazy mofos. thnx luv, i know sooner or later, i'll be blogger about mine. lol!

that evil jealous woman. am sure she was ugly. she was probably jealous of u. u know ure beautiful now... pele aburo.

Orientatednaijababe said...

omo mehn dat ur english teacher mean oh...did someone finally beat her???

BiMbyLaDs** said...

dont mind her jare, she was jealous of ur foine face,,

im back on facebook- search for bimbylads... lol..

Jaycee said...
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LurLar said...

I cannot help but laff at how evil she was. Shooo person ask question,anoda person gets wa oh, those kinda pople get their punishments in full bag.

Maybe she was d witch...nd she saw d light in u.

Miss Iyabo Opeke said...

You're juz like me

"...I' m one of those people that see some films like a year after they have been released, unless it is a film I have been waiting ages for..."

I finished a box of Kleenex when I watched Freedom Writer...

Thank God we don't keep the same mean teachers forever...

How are you doing? I hope you are settling in well?

Isi said...

can't believe i haven't been here before... or have i?
how u doing mimi?
will go and read aalllll of your posts. lol!!!

Aijay said...

The evil that people do live with them. I hope that woman is a changed person.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

classybabe said...

That your teacher was wicked oh,she actually changed the mark?!I don't understand how teachers can be bullies like that,if she didn't like her job why didn't she quit.I can't imagine how frustrated it was dealing with her

ExcitedJade said...

dont mind ur teacher jare... how r u

darkelcee said...

haa,some people are not meant to go near teaching at all.
How traumatic! but it happens everyday. God will deliver us sha.
If my child ever reports such a teacher to me hmmmm it will be bloody o cos some of these treatments have long lasting effects you know.
Nice Blog!


So sad, your experience with that woman. I wonder what it was she saw in you that she wanted for herself? Oh well...

Teachers should be inspiring. If you ever become a teacher, I am sure you will have the zeal to encourage and not tear down your students. Nice post!

The Beads Factor said...

Hello! I just want to introduce my blog to you. I do hope you would drop by. Thanks

Allied said...

WHat a mean teacher. I thought i had it bad but ur was worse. It was also my english teacher when i was in scholl but he was a male. Mr. Adebayo. Will never forget that man.

Jaycee said...
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Linda Ikeji said...

hello are u doing? Teachers and their 'wahala' abi? lol. Hope ure doing great.Cheers.

Sha said...

very mean indeed! I hate teachers.. well used to:-D

Writefreak said...

ok...i agree we need more people changing our world, i keep asking myself when i read posts like this...what can i do to make life better for the people around me?

Like you literature was my best subject in school, i loved english too, i had the same teacher for both and he is so instrumental to where i am in my life today (May his soul rest in peace)..he advised me to leave the science class, dunno what i was doing there anyway! Meanwhile that your teacher was really mean o, she must be in the wrong job. There was a rev sister like that in my secondary school. She punished a JS1 student till the boy fainted!

I believe i can change my world, how is what i'm trying to figure out

~Mimi~ said...

@ pink - satin, we alwas have one of them don't we? how r u babe? still not coming back?

@ groupie, yes i'm settling in well, thanx

@ lighty, yea ur mean teacher too. i remember her

@no one actually beat would have been to mean of them

@bimbylads, i hope u have updated?

@jaycee, thanks i'll holler soon

@ lurlar, maybe she was the witch and saw the light in me???? lol

@ opeke, i am settling in well my dear. thanks!

@ isi, so have you finished reading all my posts?? lol

@ i doubt she has changed oh

~Mimi~ said...

@ classybabe, it was very frustrating to say the least!!

@ excitedjade, when are u coming back?

@darkelcee, i cant even imagine my kids going through that oh.

@solomonsydelle, yea teachers SHOULD be inspiring

@ beads factor, welcome!

@ allied, lol everyone seems to have their crazy teacher

@linda i am doing fine oh, how r u? shey ur good??

@ sha, hate teachers ke? lol

@ writefreak, yea my literature teacher had a big effect on me too!

cinnamonqueen said...

I wonder if some teachers do konw just how much power they have to make or break us. Obviously, yours didn't; lucky whatever didn't kill you made you stronger.

Niyi said...

Wow!.. she took the 1 out of the score??? that's crazy...

Yeah, one of the worst things in life is the abuse of power...