Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dave & Jon

There were two friends who loved each other. They grew up together played together and learnt all the laws of their country together, making women fall for them, breaking hearts and mending some as they went along, they enrolled in the army together and trained to be warriors.
Jon was from a richer class than Dave but that didn't deter the growth of their friendship. Jon would share everything with Dave while Dave taught Jon all he knew to.
Eventually Jon's father became a problem to their relationship as he sought to terminate the life of Dave because he knew that one day Dave would become a very successful man, even much more successful than his own son, Jon.
Jon found out and warned Dave of a plot his father had come up with to kill him and being a man of power, his father had all the abilities to. Because of the special relationship they had, Jon not minding that his father was trying to save his own success, helped Dave out of the life threatening situation that his father had created.

Jon placed his relationship with Dave above his own success, even his own father.

Because of the value he had placed on his relationship with Dave.


This is a story from ancient history that's true, about one of the greatest kings that ever lived. David was born a shepherd and he always knew he was special. He spent his time worshiping God and learning about tending to the flock and protecting the flock from harm when beasts came to tear them apart.
The truth was this was part of his training to become king. He had to be passionate enough to care about the creatures God put under him. This showed up later when God sent an angel to punish Israel for their sins and David asked that it should fall on him instead and God loving David so much, held back the judgment. David had always been a special boy and he knew it. He had a place in God's heart. A special place,


there was a point in his life when his whole life and career as king was put on the line. And he needed someone to help him out.


I'm a strong believer of covenant relationships.
There are certain people God places in our lives to help us birth our destinies. There are certain people who God gives to us to help us lift our arms when we are too weak to do it. Sometimes they are our spiritual mentors, other times they are certain friends.

The message this week, is to never take your covenant relationships for granted. If you have never been aware of it, then you need to start asking God who those special people are. They might not be many, sometimes 1 or 2 or 3, but they are often very key and vital to your destiny in life.

Sometimes, they are there for a season, other times they are there for a life time.

But every single time you recognize someone as being key to what God has called you to...

honor that relationship.

And sometimes God tells us to let go of certain relationships because they have stopped being fruitful or they will become a hindrance to His will and your life, and in situations like this, it is often best to let go. He knows best.

Seek God's face regarding your destiny and your relationships. Ask Him to always place key and strategic people around you to help in fulfilling your destiny. Let go of the relationships that will hinder you and honor and cherish those that aid your destiny.

Remember, honor your covenant relationships.


note: covenant relationships is not the same as someone that is just emotionally tied to you. It is often a very spiritual relationship.


David C Brown said...

So David is really a picture of the Lord Jesus in some ways, and the question is how much we are prepared to go for Him. Jonathan went very far for Jesus - but in the end he died with Saul,his father. Let's go all the way with Jesus!

Danny BaGucci said...

Nice stuff --- An interesting angle on the whole David and Jonathan story too...

Beulah! said...

Very inspiring indeed....!!!, You are right, if not for Jon, David would have been killed. God brings special people into our lives to help us fulfil his calling upon our lives.

simeone said...

i feel you...dont hear people talk about these kind of relationships these day..

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Great piece.
Never knew abt the whole David and jonathan story...Lovely...

Aseda Photography said...

Hear Hear

I echo Simeone, this kind of relationship don't get the rigt mention this days.

Maybe 'cos not a lot of it exist, it's usually the emotional ones and often unhealty ones that peeps make noise about.

Anonymous said...

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Isi said...

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