Friday, May 25, 2007

Have A Happy Meal!

Hi guys. Sorry I've been missing in action, I see I missed a lot in Blogville. Its been quite a busy week. Moving, settling in, working etc. Anyway hope you're all ok? 9jaOpeke :) I heard you coming babe but I was trying to keep those songs from screaming out 'save us' to you, I have played the living daylights out of them.
So anyway, I've done a lot of reflections over these past few weeks. And I think I'm done reflecting. At least for now. Its time for some major actions now. May God guide us all.
Two days ago, I was on one of the colourful yet ever so dramatic london buses coming back from work. We had been on the journey for about 2o minutes when suddenly the bus stopped at a stop which was far from his last stop, and turned the lights off in the bus. Everyone knows what this means right? At least everyone in london, it means 'Get off the bus, I am not moving from this spot!'
So people start making their way out. There was this old lady - i wonder if lady is the right word to use- who looked like she wasn't about to stand up. The bus driver called out on his PA and said that if people could wait, he would move in the next 3 to 5 minutes, so I stayed put. Suddenly, this old lady started yelling in the conkest jamaican accent I ever heard. I didnt understand what she was saying though but I knew it wasn't good for the driver and his future generations. Suddenly another 20-something looking caucasian woman too started to 'effing eff' the bus driver. She was cussing him so much that she turned all red in the face and was stomping towards him. I was dazed/amused. It all had been peaceful some minutes before and suddenly all these rage was coming out from different directions. I was scared of a stampede so I took to a seat in the corner.
So me being me, started smiling to myself and started thinking why all the anger and rage? I mean it might not have been the driver's fault.And he had already said he would move in the next 3 minutes. I understand that people have places to go and people to see, but my goodness, there is so much anger around. I am not left out of this. In my personal relationships, I get upset and though I dont show it aggressively its something I have been working on and I must say even I like the results I am seeing! Who wants to walk around like a ticking time bomb?
My boyfriend's sister brought her baby with her when she came to see me and I was so glad to see him, I was blowing him kisses everywhere. The little handsome boy was fast asleep but I just cant help myself around babies. He woke up and gave me this 'Who is this human being disturbing my life?' look. I felt silly but continued blowing him kisses anyway. He looked like he was saying 'Are you sure you're ok?' but 10 seconds later he was flashing me this beautiful smile that had me saying 'awwwwwwww he's smiling at me.' I embarass myself around babies, when they are around its just me and them in my world. They are one of my weaknesses. I imagined if someone had woken me up from sleep without a good cause like 'the house is about to burn down', hmmm, that person's hair will burn down that day o.
Got me thinking about why Jesus said we should be like little children. It is not that we should be stupid but we should attain and retain the innocence that the blessed little hearts have. It is that we should have the same amount of faith in Him as a Father as children have in their parents. Have you ever had the 'my daddy will buy me an aeroplane' talk with a child? If you've never had it, you most definitely have said it before. No matter how broke a father is, if a child gets him to say he will do something for him, no amount of talk can change that child's mind on his father's ability to provide for his needs. After all, it is Mighty Daddy. This is the same amount of faith God wants us to have in Him.
So when you're about to blow up or find yourself losing faith, even if you never had a good parental figure, there is One above who cares soooooo much about you and He still sees you as His little angelic child.
Ever bought a happy meal for a child? (if you know Mcdonalds you know what I mean). It comes with a toy! Lol, granted we are too old for those little toys, I just hope you understand that being 'child-like' sometimes comes with its benefits. Meanwhile I am not talking about the walking terrors of the ages 7 and above.... those are some other kind of species.
Have a great weekend!
I intend to be more frequent.


ExcitedJade said...

u...i love u loads, ssiter mi atata.

Anonymous said...

awwww as in ur sisters baby!yes o you have been MIA for too long...have a happy meal too

solomonsydelle said...

Geez, that poor bus driver.
I hope daddy buys your nephew a plane. lol!

Thanks for all your comments at my 'mommy' blog.

Please stop by

and participate in the Nigerian Proclamation project. Thanks much and update!

Justme said...

NICE to have u back

Naija Vixen said...

Finally!!! Lol @ your baby antics...stop "terrorising" them joo!!! Hope your weekend was great?

9ja Opeke said...

Mimi...I suspected that b/c I got the 'Save Us' call from Infinity...I am sure by now they should have won a grammy for the most played song in Naija BlogVille...

Well, I am loving this post...there are a lot of ticking time bomb in form of humans, just waiting to explode...I'd like to refer to them as 'Human Volcanoes'...they are just waiting to pour all their lava on you...

Life is just too short to hang on to bitterness we need to have children do...
As usual, you inspire me...

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

i wanna be 5 gain