Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yes I know it's been a while.

Lots has been happening.

God is faithful isn't He? :) Lol.

The Lord is My Shepherd.

He makes all things perfect in His Time.

I really do intend to update at least once a month, which I am managing to do now :) Yay!!

But for now I leave you with this question:

What is the one goal you are aiming to have achieved by the end of your life?



Jaycee said...

Hey darling,

I love that question so much. If everyone could answer this, we would all be a quarter mile from achieving the purpose for which we were created. Hmm...deep.

Looking forward to ur monthly updates then! MWAHHH!

Anonymous said...

more than one post per month please. make it two, at least. thank u very much :)

Writefreak said...

That's one big question you've asked there Mimi.....but it's a question which has got an answer! thank God!

How're you doing dearie?

Kafo said...

hard question
but i would say
that i hear God speak and know his ultimate plan for mii

that i find my God destiny and live it to the fullest


oh my, what a question. I have to think about that cos there are just too many things...

Danny Bagucci said...

guess that's the question of a lifetime! Need to go mull over this!

Favoured Girl said...

Hey girl! Update more often jare... lol

That your question is deep o. I have so many goals on my list of things I want to accomplish, so I'll just say that I want to do all that God had planned in my destiny.

Stay blessed!

aloted said...

once a month bawo?? not good enuff girl!

deep question....too much to do men!

Lady A said...

This is good!
Yes, it's been a while for me busy with life!
But I hope to accomplish ALL that God has wanted me to do...I want my destiny to be filled and completed in right b4 I take my last breath, I want to hear God say, 'well done, thy good and faithful servant'
Also to be a blessing to other people.