Friday, November 23, 2007

30 Days Of Thankfulness - Day 23

I've been tagged by two people now, 9jaOpeke and StreetPreacher, so I have no excuse but to update :)
Where do I start???

I thank You Father, for life; that I am even here to give you thanks

I thank You Father for the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ; He made my life worthwhile

I thank You Father for the Holy Spirit; my closest friend, my Darling, the One who guides me

I thank You Father for my parents; without their support and love, life would be harder

I thank You Father for my darling brother; I love him so much and you know it, he is my only sibling, and life with him in so much more fun, peaceful and loveable...

I thank You Father, for friends...close ones, acquintances, random people you place around me..I thank you for all of them

I thank You Father for food and water, for air, for the free things I take for granted everyday

I thank You Father for the beautiful things I see everyday; the sunrise, the sunset, the moon, the stars when they come out, lush green grass, brown leaves falling off trees, beautiful flowers in the spring

I thank You Father that I have a functional brain, a tender heart that responds to you, a soul you have saved and a spirit that is renewed and regenerated in You

I thank You Father for saving from the path of destruction, of death, I did not realize it but I thank You, that You, being an all-knowing Father, saved me

I thank You Father for the beautiful Plans You have for me, ohhhhhh I can only smile because they sure are sooooooo beautiful!! And they are already in motion....they are springing forth like flowers by a lake...

I thank You Father for waking me up early in the morning to fellowship with You everyday, it is a privilege to always be in Your Presence, and the fact that You give me the grace is just another icing on my cake...

I thank You Father for Love...Yes I thank You for You...Because You Are Love...

So in all the forms that I have Love in my life...I thank You.

I thank You. I am grateful.

I Love You.


Saturday, November 10, 2007


It sure is going to be one cold winter...but nevertheless I am seriously looking forward to the new year. I love new beginnings. I love new notepads because they are a representation of a fresh slate, a clean start.. you get the idea. New beginnings are good. Thank God that we have the break of day, everyday. It is always a new day, everyday. Okay, that was just me thinking out loud. That is the whole point of this blog after

So while Bimbylad's story is getting hotter and hotter by the chapter, my sister ExcitedJade and FavouredGirl are still enjoying themselves, my other sister Nyemoni is PREGGERSS!! (i'm so excited!)....all these exciting stuff are happening around,yet Mr.Fineboy has refused to update his blog despite many letters of plea, TMinx is still very much a photoblogger even though she has even refused to update the pictures LAWL, then i start to think of Bobby's son and his sweet-sweet-but-now famous phrase, 'I yay you' and I just start smiling to myself again. Children are the most precious creatures in this precious, so innocent, so cute....very much like the clean slates I talked about in the beginning....

Ok, on to my I woke up to one of God's most beautiful pieces of art two days ago. I'll put a picture up in a bit. It was one of those blissful mornings that nothing could go wrong or so i thought. I woke up early, took a loonngg hot shower, ate good meal for breakfast, and i had a while to my lecture, so i took a long luxurious walk. On getting to my lecture room, i found out the room was dark and there was no one there. I hit panic mode! Where is everyone??

After a few enquiries I found out I was meant to have a lab session. I rushed over, wishing I hadnt spent those extra minutes in the shower, and was panting by the time I got there...not a good look. Luckily for me the woman taking us for the session was nice enough to let me in and brief me on what i'd missed.

Apparently we were meant to study 4 people while they were having a discussion on 'animal rights and the use of animals for chemical testings'. The 4 people were not aware that they were being watched (they were in a room with a two-way mirror so they couldn't see us - felt a bit like CSI, okay i'm getting too excited lol).

As soon as I saw who the 4 people were I gulped. One of them was my friend. 'Oh no!' was my first thought.
This girl is one of those paranoid people who always thinks that everyone is out to get her or everyone is racist. I knew they were in for it because I just knew something was bound to go wrong. We were meant to study their body languages, rate them on scales of aggression, powerful/powerlessness etc. I knew who would be getting the highest ratings in some cases.

The conversation seemed to go on for a while and I was thanking God already that there were no punches being exchanged. Suddenly I heard one of the other girls say 'In Africa....'

Oh no, she didn't. If you see the way my friend's head snapped in her was tewwwww funny!! The girl, who was trying to say that in africa for example farming is a common vocation and that africans would probably know the use of animals better than those using them for laboratory tests, didn't even finish the rest of her sentence.


The poor girl was looking at her like 'huh??' and my girl continued, 'IS IT BECAUSE THEY SHOW THE POVERTY STRICKEN PLACES ON TV? EHN?? THAT IS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT TO SHOW YOU!'

The girl was trying to explain but my girl was having none of it. Later when she came out of the room and I told her she was being watched and ALSO, the conversation had been recorded on DVD for the next lab session so we could further analyze it...she said that she wasn't going to come for the class. Lol. Then she told me 'Mimi, I didn't know that they used monkeys for chemical testing oh...I only just heard it today. Can you imagine that??'

I just stared at her and shook my head. I'm pretty sure she didn't even hear most of what the other participants said, all she heard was 'IN AFRICA'.

Oh yea, here's the picture of the beauty I was talking about:

God is Great!