Friday, June 05, 2009

Wind in my hair

Need to let loose a few things I have been thinking about so here goes:


Sometimes we try too hard to be the best at everything that we don't enjoy the process of becoming all that we can be. Sometimes we put too much on others that it stops us from enjoying the little they offer us.


One minute your world makes no sense without them, the next you wanna tear them apart with your bare hands if it were possible that the police wouldn't trace them to you. You wonder why you have family or are in love with that person that seems to pierce the very nerve that makes you go up the wall. Why do you love them again? Like seriously, why?! Then you realize, oh yea, you love them... Vicious cycle.


I think of people who have succeeded in their ministry or calling in life and I want to be like them. I hope I can stand in the hall of the Pauls and Peters when I stand before my Father. I don't want to be one of those who bring shame to the gospel. But it is not to him who runs or wills, but of God who shows mercy, and He who started a great work in me, is able to complete and perfect it.


I am grateful for all the things God is doing in my life. A tell it all post will come soon. Some day :)

(Never give up on what God tells you)



UnderCover07 said...


Off to go

UnderCover07 said...

True...sometimes we focus so much on trying to do and out do that we miss out on our own individual achievements and triumphs.

And yes, family and loved ones sure do push our buttons, but then again life wivout them is not an option we They teach to be patient and accomodating.

To stand in the hall of fame of Peter and Paul...hmmmm, it good to aim high but I can't aim dat high taking my walk with Him one day at a time and constantly askn for His grace bcos it ain't easy.

Enjoy ur day!

David C Brown said...

We must always remember that God has more to do in forming us for His glory than he has in using us in ministry. What He completes will not be like Peter or Paul - it will be what He has in mind for us for His eternal pleasure.

simeone said...

your thots are not so alien ....
and i feel ur post..plain ,simple..

we seek to walk with him and know him more everyday..i tell you thats thesame thing paul and peter did...
hope you are cool..? peace

laspapi said...

Ah... I like the philosophy. You'll tell me 'who' brought this on, idol? :D


great post. Thank you so much for sharing this. We can never give up on what God has planned for us.

Hope all is well.

Cidersweet said...

These are sincere prayers and I join you in praying that His strength and guidance will be
available for you/us.
Then, thank God for people like Madam Ekuundayo who silently. graciously tune our hearts to what is important.
The very best!