Saturday, May 30, 2009

Madam Ekundayo, A Legacy and Yours.

Hey all.

Been a while. I've been a bit busy so pardon my absence, especially on the blogs I visit as I have really only just had time to be here.

I don't know if any of you know of a woman called Madam Ekundayo. A 94+ year old woman who owned an orphanage in Nigeria called 'Ekundayo's Children's Home' in Kogi State in Nigeria, who had taken children (orphans or abandoned) and taken care of them without government aid or support.

(Click here to listen to the song written by TY Bello based on Madam Ekundayo and watch shots of her, here.)

Mama Ekundayo, a woman not seeking the world's applause, neither having an extravagant lifestyle with jets and planes to fly to the next poorest african country to adopt a child and make a whole fortune out of pictures with Hello, however recently passed away. Obviously she lived a good life. Well advanced in her years and by 2007, had taken in her 469+ child. 2009 marked the 40th year since she started taking children in. She got a song written about her in 2006 and it was only in 2008 that the world really knew who she was. She left behind a legacy, especially for those 469 children she gave homes to, and the opportunity of having lives of their own.

This only left me thinking one thing: what will people say of me when I am gone and more importantly what will God say when I meet Him?



David C Brown said...

Just been reading this afternoon about Enoch who "has the testimony that he had pleased God". He's not in this world's history books; let's take up your challenge and, through faith and the help of God's Spirit, be like that!

akaBagucci said...

She sure left a legacy and made a difference in her world... Guess the final question is critical ----- when its all said and gone what will we be remembered for.... Nice reminder

Jaycee said...

When I watched TY Bello's video about madam Ekundayo a while back, I was moved that such a woman could do such a great thing. She did not seem that tall, and she did not look too energetic...she just looked serene and peaceful. I know she had her share of joy whenever she peered at the faces of the children she took in.

I thank God for her life and I join you to celebrate her legacy. I am more than inspired to do something in the world that will leave behind a legacy.


Anonymous said...

hey mims